Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Chet Baker - The Italian Sessions

This unique set, recorded in Rome in 1962, finds trumpeter Chet Baker playing in an uncharacteristically bold and vigorous manner. In part, the change may be attributed to the stable of musicians Baker plays with here — a hard-bop-happy sextet that really lights a fire under the icon of "West Coast cool." When the set kicks off with a simmering rendition of Thelonious Monk's "Well You Needn't," with Baker's playing pushing lyrically against the composition's frantic, angular rhythms to great effect, the listener knows The Italian Sessions will be no ordinary, laid-back outing.
Though superb readings of "These Foolish Things" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" allow Baker to display his trademark command of subtlety and grace (both are gorgeous, flowing ballads), The Italian Sessions is mostly driven by an urgent intensity. Charlie Parker's "Barbados" and Sonny Rollins's "Pent-Up House" have a taut, fun-loving energy rarely seen in Baker's work. The company plays impressively, with notable contributions from tenor saxophonist and flautist Bobby Jaspar and guitarist René Thomas (the presence of electric guitar is another unusual and welcome addition to Baker's sound). In terms of tone, attack, and the wealth of inventive ideas, this record presents some of the most assured playing of Baker's career.

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Chet Baker
The Italian Sessions


1 Well, You Needn't (Monk)  6:21
2 These Foolish Things (Link, Marvell, Strachey)  4:55
3 Barbados (Parker)  8:27
4 Star Eyes (DePaul, Raye)  6:57
5 Over the Rainbow (Arlen, Harburg)  3:28
6 Pent-Up House (Rollins)  6:51
7 Ballata in Forma Di Blues (Tommasi)  10:04
8 Blues in the Closet (Pettiford)  7:44


Chet Baker - tp
Bobby Jaspar - ts & fl
René Thomas - g
Amadeo Tommasi - p
Benoît Quersin - b
Daniel Humair - dr

Recorded at the RCA Italiana Studios, Rome, Italy ; January 5, 1962


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thanks i like it when chet just plays

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Marvelous! Thank you.

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Great review Chet in another context and feel, looking forward to this

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Chet and René united. Who can ask for more ? Cheers.

jm said...

What a fascinating description -- I'm very eager to experience this 1962, given the huge variability of my response to Chet Baker. You expand my knowledge, understanding, and thereby appreciation. Thank you!

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A very good album.Thanks.

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'melanchthon' (PW), thanks for this. Comforting to hear that others also have a mixed reaction to Chet's oeuvre.

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Great post Mel! (I've this BlueBird 1990 release, mais si tu veux mon avis le son de la version RCA [09026 68590-2] 1996 (not the same cover) est bien meilleur!)

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Great session here, that I loved very much since i buyed the LP in Milan many many years ago. Amedeo Tommasi was my professor in Bologna when studying arts and music. This version of "these foolish things" is my favorite since ever

Though i already have it both in CD and LP, thank to share with everybody

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