Thursday, July 23, 2015

Steve Kuhn - Childhood is Forewer

Autumn 1969 ; the dreams of the 1968 revolution in France had already vanished. The french governement led by De Gaulle was back in power again and French people were getting ready for harsh liberalism. Something, however, had definitely changed in people's minds and, following these changes, jazz would never be the same again. That year I first met Steve Kuhn and also played with him. At that time he was living in Stockholm, far away from the vicissitudes of the New York scene. Steve has also changed ; the fervent Bill Evans disciple found his style made up of respect for the Master and of a broad openness to every influence. That autumn, Steve Swallow was in Paris touring with Gary Burton. At the request of Jean-Louis Ginibre, brilliant editor of the French publication 'Jazz Magazine', Kuhn decided to record with Swallow and myself. French bass player Pierre Michelot would lend his instrument for the session.
I still have vivid memories of that afternoon ; a mixture of intense stage fright and instant pleasure. Thirty years down the line, I a amazed by the intensity of this music ; it gives irrefutable proof of the visionary genius of Steve Kuhn. His playing, between tradition and avant-garde, was the precursor of the jazz we can hear today. That autumn, in a recording studio located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, tomorrow's music was created.
Aldo Romano, from the booklet (translation Matt Robin & Greg Bell)

Steve Kuhn
Childhood is Forewer


1 The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (Brainin)  6:01
2 Spring Can Really Hang You The Most (Wolf)  6:48
3 Baubles, Bangles And Beads (Wright, Forest)  5:03
4 The Meaning Of The Blues (Troup)  3:41
5 All That's Left  (Jobim)  5:49
6 I Waited For You (Fuller)  5:07
7 Eiderdown (Swallow)  4:25


Steve Kuhn -p
Steve Swallow - b
Aldo Romano - dr

Recorded in Paris ; October 13, 1969


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