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Kevin Eubanks - Guitarist

This album, issued in the wake of the stir caused by the Young Lions compilation album on Elektra Musician, is a first-rate mix of originals and standards beautifully executed by a group of studio players who include brothers Robin Eubanks on trombone, Charles on acoustic piano, and David on bass along with tenor saxophonist Ralph Moore and drummer Ronnie Burrage. Eubanks' choice of covers is brave ; from Thelonious Monk's "Evidence" and Miles Davis' "Blue in Green" to Wes Montgomery's "The Thumb" and Jerome Kern's "Yesterdays," he offers not only chops, but a keen ear for nuance and subtlety. The treatment of Monk's "Evidence" is particularly satisfying for retaining the pianist/composer's angles without sacrificing the swing quotient. Likewise, his solo reading of "The Thumb" is played with great taste, offering no show-off pyrotechnics, yet he interprets the tune for the present day. Eubanks' own tunes, such as "Inner-Vision" with Moore, Burrage, and David, are shaped and informed by not only jazz but soul and blues without falling into crossover cliché. This is a fine first effort. [After being out of print for a decade on CD, Guitarist was reissued by Wounded Bird in 2004.]
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Kevin Eubanks


1 The Novice Bounce (Eubanks)  4:03
2 Inner-Vision (Eubanks)  4:34
3 Yesterdays (Harbach, Kern)  6:31
4 Evidence (Monk)  6:08
5 Urban Heat (Eubanks)  8:08
6 The Thumb/Blues for Wes (Johnson, Montgomery)  4:22
7 Untitled Shapes (Eubanks)  7:46
8 Blue in Green (Davis, Evans)  3:15


[# 1]
Kevin Eubanks - g
[# 2]
Kevin Eubanks - g
Ralph Moore - ts
David Eubanks - b
Ronnie Burrage - dr
[# 3]
Same as above except
Moore is out
Robin Eubanks - tb
[# 4]
Same as above, except
Roy Haynes - dr, replaces Burrage
[# 5]
Same as [# 1], except
Tommy Campbell - dr, replaces Haynes
[# 6]
Kevin Eubanks - g
David Eubanks - b
[# 7]
Same as [# 1], except
Moore is out
Charles Eubanks - p
[# 8]
Kevin Eubanks - g

Recorded at CBS Studios, New York ; May & August 1982


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HEXIS said...

Hello Melanchthon, do not know if it is in your interest,
you may already have them,
but I have the following Kevin Eubanks works:
Face To Face, The Messenger, Promise Of Tomorrow,
The Searcher, Zen Food, Duets (Kevin Eubanks and Stanley Jordan ).
Let me know if you want these works of Kevin Eubanks. hugs

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Woops !!!!
Pardon ....
I have these discs:

1983 Guitarist (new today)
1984 Sundance
1986 Face To Face
1987 The Heat of Heat
1988 Shadow Prophets
1989 The Searcher
1990 Promise Of tomorrow
1993 Spirit Talk
1994 Live At Bradley's
2010 Zen Food
2012 The Messenger
2015 Duets (Kevin Eubanks and Stanley Jordan)

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