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Clark Terry - Everything's Mellow

This CD combines together two former LPs by flugelhornist Clark Terry : Everything's Mellow and All American. Since those two sessions were cut for the Moodsville label (where all of the sets were supposed to be emphasizing quiet ballads) and the second date has songs from a forgotten musical, this CD would not seem to have much potential. However Terry is highly expressive on the former date (a quartet outing with pianist Junior Mance, bassist Joe Benjamin and drummer Charlie Persip) and does not stick only to ballads, throwing in some blues and obscure melodies. As for the All American score, Oliver Nelson was enlisted to write arrangements for Terry's septet (which is comprised of Budd Johnson on tenor, trombonist Lester Robertson, baritonist George Barrow, pianist Eddie Costa in one of his final recordings, bassist Art Davis and drummer Ed Shaughnessy) and, except for a couple of purposely corny moments, the music is greatly uplifted ; in fact a few of the songs deserve to be revived. C.T. and Budd are in great form throughout. This surprising CD is recommended.
Scott Yanow

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Clark Terry
Everything's Mellow
Plays the Jazz Version of
"All American"


1 Out in the Cold Again (Bloom, Bloom, Koehler)  4:29
2 The Simple Waltz (Brookmeyer, Terry)  5:10
3 This Is Always (Gordon, Warren)  4:53
4 Lullaby (Brahms, Hersch, Napolitano)  3:40
5 Among My Souvenirs (Leslie, Nicholls)  4:48
6 In the Alley (Terry)  3:46
7 Michelle (Lennon, McCartney, Terry)  4:33
8 As You Desire Me (Wrubel)  3:26
9 What a Country (Adams, Strouse)  4:22
10 Same Language (Adams, Strouse)  4:05
11 If I Were You (Adams, Nicks, Nowels, Strouse)  5:00
12 I've Just Seen Her (Adams, Strouse)  3:50
13 Once upon a Time (Adams, Carter, Strouse)  2:20
14 Nightlife (Adams, Gramm, Jones, Strouse)  4:34
15 It's Fun to Think (Adams, Strouse)  5:06
16 The Fight Song (Adams, Strouse)  3:45


[# 1-8]
Clark Terry - tp & flghrn
Junior Mance - p
Joe Benjamin - b
Charlie Persip - dr
Recorded in New York ; July 21, 1961
[# 9-16]
Clark Terry - tp & flghrn
Lester Robertson - tb
Budd Johnson - ts
George Barrow - bs
Eddie Costa - p & vb
Ed Shaughnessy - dr
Oliver Nelson - arr.
Recorded at Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey ; May 11 & 15, 1962


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