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Joe Henderson - Our Thing

Joe Henderson's second recording as a leader features a very strong supporting cast : trumpeter Kenny Dorham (one of Henderson's earliest supporters), pianist Andrew Hill, bassist Eddie Khan, and drummer Pete La Roca. Together they perform three Dorham and two Henderson originals, advanced music that was open to the influence of the avant-garde while remaining in the hard bop idiom. The up-tempo blues "Teeter Totter" contrasts with the four minor-toned pieces and, even if none of these songs became standards, the playing is consistently brilliant and unpredictable. Even at this relatively early stage, Joe Henderson showed his potential as a great tenorman.
Scott Yanow

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Joe Henderson
Our Thing


1 Teeter Totter (Henderson)  8:33
2 Pedro's Time (Dorham)  10:04
3 Our Thing (Henderson)  5:36
4 Back Road (Dorham)  6:19
5 Escapade (Dorham)  8:05
6 Teeter Totter [alternate take] (Henderson)  7:10


Kenny Dorham - tp
Joe Henderson - ts
Andrew Hill - p
Eddie Kahn - b
Pete La Roca - dr

Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey ; September 9, 1963


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