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The Complete Serge Chaloff Sessions (1946-1956)

This is the type of project the Mosaic label does best : releasing the complete output as a leader of a classic jazz musician including obscurities and a couple of fairly well-known sessions. Serge Chaloff, one of the top baritone-saxophonists in jazz history, is featured as the leader of bop-based small groups on sessions originally out on Dial, Savoy, Futurama, Motif, Storyville, and Capitol. Such sidemen as trumpeters Red Rodney and Herb Pomeroy, tenorman Al Cohn, altoist Charlie Mariano and Boots Mussulli, vibraphonist Terry Gibbs, and pianists Ralph Burns, George Wallington, Dick Twardzik, Russ Freeman, Barbara Carroll, and Sonny Clark have solo space, but it is the somewhat forgotten Chaloff who rightfully is the main focus. A definitive booklet rounds out this essential package.
Scott Yanow

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The Complete
Serge Chaloff


Cd. 1

1 Blue Serge (Chaloff)  3:03
2 Blue Serge [long version] (Chaloff)  6:01
3 Pumpernickel [alt. take] (Chaloff)  2:31
4 Pumpernickel (Chaloff)  2:29
5 Gabardine And Serge [alt. take] (Kahn)  2:22
6 Gabardine And Serge (Kahn)  2:30
7 Serges Urge [alt. take] (Chaloff)  2:33
8 Serges Urge (Chaloff)  2:32
9 A Bar A Second [alt. take] (Chaloff)  2:22
10 A Bar A Second (Chaloff)  2:36
11 Chickasaw (Gibbs, Rogers)  2:53
12 Bopscotch (Chaloff)  3:13
13 The Most ! (Cohn)  2:52
14 Chasin The Bass (Feather)  2:29
15 Pat (Chaloff, Burns)  2:12
16 King Edward The Flatted Fifth (Chaloff, Burns)  2:54


Cd. 2

1 You Brought A New Kind Of Love (Fain, Norman)  3:22
2 Zdot (Chaloff, Burns)  2:49
3 Oh ! Baby (Murphy)  5:59
4 Love Is Just Around The Corner (Gensler, Robin)  3:01
5 Easy Street (Jones, Carlton)  3:30
6 All I Do Is Dream Of You (Brown, Freed)  4:43
7 Sherry (Mariano)  2:06
8 Slam (Mariano)  5:54
9 Lets Jump [alt. take] (Killian)  6:54
10 Lets Jump (Killian)  6:10
11 A Salute To Tiny [alt. take] (Pomeroy)  3:09
12 A Salute To Tiny (Pomeroy)  3:09
13 Eenie Meenie Minor Mode [alt. take] (Mariano)  3:36
14 Eenie Meenie Minor Mode (Mariano)  3:36


Cd. 3

1 The Fabel Of Mabel [alt. take #1] (Twardzik)  4:26
2 The Fabel Of Mabel [alt. take #2] (Twardzik)  4:19
3 The Fabel Of Mabel (Twardzik)  4:18
4 Mar-Dros (Mussulli)  3:21
5 Kip (Mussulli)  3:18
6 Unison (Mussulli)  3:15
7 Body And Soul (Heyman, Green, Sour, Eyton)  3:50
8 Yesterdays Gardenias (Robertson, Cojane, Mysels)  4:38
9 Bob The Robin (Mussulli)  2:34
10 Whats New (Haggart, Burke)  3:36
11 Bomareemaroja (Mussulli)  3:43
12 Dianes Melody (Byard)  1:38
13 Herbs [short take] (Pomeroy)  3:29
14 Herbs [long take] (Pomeroy)   4:19
15 Sergical (Mussulli)  3:09
16 JR (Mussulli)  4:18


Cd. 4

1 Ive Got The World On A String (Koehler, Arlen)  6:45
2 Thanks For The Memory (Robin, Rainger)  3:46
3 The Goof And I (Cohn)  4:47
4 Susies Blues (Chaloff)  5:09
5 A Handful Of Stars (Lawrence, Shapiro)  5:34
6 All The Things You Are (Kern, Hammerstein)  5:26
7 Stairway To The Stars (Malneck, Signorelli, Parish)  4:52
8 How About You (Lane, Freed)  5:25


Featuring Serge Chaloff, Sonny Clark, Leroy Vinnegar, Philly Joe Jones, Boots Mussulli, Herb Pomeroy, Ray Santisi, Everett Evans, Jimmy Zitano, Charlie Mariano, Varty Harountunian, Chuck Wayne, Don Lamond, Red Rodney, Curley Russell, Tiny Kahn, Ralph Burns, Al Cohn, Oscar Pettiford, Nick Capezutto, Dick Twardzik, Russ Freeman, Jimmy Woode, Buzzy Drootin, etc.

Recorded between September 21, 1946 & March 14, 1956

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