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Eddy Louiss - Orgue (vol. 1)

When Eddy recorded the two volumes titled Orgue and Orgue vol. 2 ("Bohemia After Dark" Jazz in Paris vol. 35), his affiliation with Stan Getz came to an end. It turned out that Stan was not able to get the permits required to perform in the United States with Eddy, René Thomas and Bernard Lubat. After that, Eddy recorded a very original version of "Porgy and Bess" (Jazz in Paris vol. 41) with Yvan Jullien, and he also met Stéphane Grappelli. For the occasion, his trio, which was now made up of Kenny and Jimmy Gourley, grew to a quartet with the addition of Guy Pedersen on bass. Since the bass was not considered indispensable by organists when performing in small combos, Eddy keeps, for his own benefit, a somewhat uncommon instrumental configuration on a few numbers, including A Night in Tunisia and Autumn Leaves. Perhaps a misjudgment, if we take into account what Guy Pedersen offered to the group. Kenny Clarke had just come back from the United States, where he had gone for only a short visit in order to receive the "Duke Ellington Fellowship", awarded to him by Yale University. It was an oppotunity to give a concert with his old friend Dizzy Gillespie, whose guiding presence hovered somewhat over the sessions led by Eddy Louiss. A quarter of the themes used in the sessions were Gillespie's compositions — Ow in the second volume and A Night in Tunisia and Tin Tin Deo for "Orgue". The best possible pieces in order to give the trio a chance to demonstrate their respective talents, and to show to what extent they had achieved a musical connection. Their musical understanding was not just during moments of feverish excitement, even if it transformed Joseph Kosma's Autumn Leaves also known as Les Feuilles mortes, into an unrelenting swing. Done in a slow tempo, the unforgettable Eddy Louiss theme Bluesinef, was one of the highlights of the session. And Summertime, combined with Four on Six by Wes Montgomery, reflects all the feeling that Eddy Louiss is not afraid to flaunt. "When I play, it needs to sing and dance inside me. My music should make the body move. It's also important to me that each composition find the right tempo. When that happens, I'm thrilled !" Mission accomplished.
Alain Tercinet, english translation Nina Schmir

Eddy Louiss


1 A Night in Tunisia (Gillespie)  5:41
2 Bluesinef (Louiss)  6:05
3 Tin Tin Deo (Gillespie)  7:38
4 Autumn Leaves (Kosma)  8:17
5 Four on Six (Montgomery)/Summertime (Gershwin, Gershwin)  11:26


Eddy Louiss - org
Jimmy Gourley - g
Guy Pedersen - b [# 1 & 4]
Kenny Clarke - dr

Recorded at Studio Fremontel, Le Fidelaire ; December 15, 16 & 17, 1972


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