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B.B. King - My Kind of Blues

According to his biographer, Charles Sawyer, this is King's personal favorite among his recordings. Unlike most of his albums from this period (which are mostly collections of singles), this was recorded in one session and takes him out of his usual big-band setting, using only bass, drums, and piano for accompaniment. The result is a masterpiece : a sparse, uncluttered sound with nothing to mask King's beautiful guitar and voice. "You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now" (its unaccompanied guitar intro is a pure distillation of his style), "Mr. Pawn Broker," "Someday Baby" (R&B Top Ten, 1961), "Walkin' Dr. Bill," and a great version of "Drivin' Wheel" are highlights.
George Bedard

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B.B. King
My Kind of Blues


1 You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now (Josea, King, King)  5:15
2 Mr. Pawnbroker (King, Taub)  3:16
3 Understand (Gant)  2:39
4 Someday Baby (Hopkins)  2:54
5 Driving Wheel (Sykes)  2:52
6 Walking Dr. Bill (Clayton)  3:41
7 My Own Fault, Darling (King)  3:34
8 Catfish Blues (Josea, King, Trad.)  2:29
9 Hold That Train (Clayton)  3:58
10 Please Set a Date (McCoy)  2:49


B. B. King - g & vc
Lloyd Glenn- p
Ralph Hamilton - b
Jesse Sailes - dr

Recorded in Los Angeles ; March 1960


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