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John Ogdon Plays Henri Dutilleux, Florent Schmitt & Paul Dukas

Henri Dutilleux's Piano Sonata has received innumerable recordings ; John Ogdon's classic recording from 1972 is one of the best. This is a majestic work, and under Ogdon's hands its subtly jazz-influenced rhythms and sparkling textures receive a particularly sublime and contemplative reading. Florent Schmitt's Deux Mirages is an exceptional little-known work from 1920. Schmitt surely had Debussy in mind, as these pieces use whole-tone scales, a device much in keeping with the composer's work. Ogdon shines in these radiant performances and his ability to capture the tonal shifts, from somber to ecstatic, in "Et Pan" is remarkable.
The second Mirage, "La Tragique Chevauchée" is a forceful and harrowing work, as demonstrated by its fierce dotted rhythms and unrelenting drive. Paul Dukas's Piano Sonata is a singular achievement from an enigmatic composer who lived a long life but left behind only a few compositions. Fusing a blend of romantic impetuosity with classical restraint, this work is rightly regarded as a masterpiece of French music. With his substantial technique, John Ogdon was ideally suited to works of great magnitude, and in this blazing, classic recording we find the perfect marriage of piece and performance.
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John Ogdon
Henri Dutilleux
Florent Schmitt
Paul Dukas


Henri Dutilleux

Piano Sonata
1 I. Allegro con moto  8:31
2 II. Lied — assez lent  6:11
3 III. Choral et Variations  11:04

Florent Schmitt

Deux Mirages
4 N° 1. Et Pan, au fond des blés lunaires, s'accouda  5:39
5 N° 2. La Tragique Chevauchée  5:58

Paul Dukas

Piano Sonata in E-Flat minor*
6 Modérément vite  10:10
7 Calme — Un peu lent — Très soutenu  9:57
8 Vivement, avec légèreté  8:51
9 Très lent — Animé  12:24


John Ogdon - p

Recorded at N° 1 Studio, Abbey Road, London ; June* & July, 1972


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