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Jean Hubeau Plays Paul Dukas

This disc presents all of Paul Dukas's piano compositions. The Sonate was first performed publicly by Edouard Rissler, on May 10, 1901, at the Salle Pleyel. The work is in four movements and is similar in form to Bethoven's last sonatas, which Dukas dearly loved. The middle section of the third movement, a fugue, and the slow introduction to the fourth movement, are evocative of Beethoven's opus 110 and 106, respectively. In Debussy's opinion, "for the grandeur of its conception, it ranks immediately after Beethoven's sonatas. This is an important work which should encourage the highest expectations of music aficionados. One must adlit, however, that this genre of music possesses its own particular magic..."
The relative scarcity of Dukas's compositions for piano doed not overshadow their importance. Though the major works employ classical forms and echo Beethoven, Franck and others, we cannot fail to recognize their grat originality and give them their rightful place among the compositions of Debussy and Ravel.
Denis Gerlin, transalted by Fred Baker, from the booklet

Jean Hubeau
Paul Dukas


Piano Sonata in E-Flat minor
(Dédiée à Camille Saint-Saëns)

1 Modérément vite  11:16
2 Calme - un peu lent - très soutenu  11:12
3 Vivement, avec légèreté  8:11
4 Très lent - animé  13:07 

Variations, Interlude and Finale
(Sur un thème de Jean-Philippe Rameau)

5 Thème : Le lardon, menuet  0:26
6 Variation I. Tendrement  0:37
7 Variation II. Assez vif, très rythmé  0:33
8 Variation III. Sans hâte, délicatement  1:13
9 Variation IV. Un peu animé, avec légèreté  0:35
10 Variation V. Lent  1:24
11 Variation VI. Modéré  1:12
12 Variation VII. Assez vif  0:27
13 Variation VIII. Très modéré  0:43
14 Variation IX. Animé  0:24
15 Variation X. Sans lenteur, bien marqué  0:47
16 Variation XI. Sombre assez lent  2:23
17 Interlude. Un peu plus lent  2:24
18 Finale (Variation XII). Modérément animé - Vif  4:07

19 Prélude élégiaque  4:31
(Sur  le nom de Haydn)

20 La Plainte, au loin, du Faune  4:39
(Pièce écrite pour "Le Tombeau de Claude Debussy")


Jean Hubeau - p

Recorded at the Salle Adyar, Paris ; November, 1987


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Well, I'll say thanks for this one. Piano music of Dukas doesn't come up very often anywhere. I appreciate the classical offerings that you intermingle with the jazz.

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