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Ray Bryant - Alone with the Blues

Ray Bryant's first solo piano album is rightfully considered a classic. Bryant, at the time thought of as a young modern traditionalist, has always felt perfectly at home playing the blues. He performs five original and diverse blues on this set along with "Lover Man" and "Rockin' Chair," showing that he really never needed a bassist or a drummer to sound like a complete band. This Prestige album was reissued in the Original Jazz Classics but thus far only as an LP ; highly recommended in any case.
Scotte Yanow

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Ray Bryant
Alone with the Blues


1 Blues, n° 3 (Bryant)  7:15
2 Joy (Blues, n° 2) (Bryant)  3:59
3 Lover Man (Davis, Davis, Ramirez, Sherman)  3:52
4 Me and the Blues (Blues n° 1) (Bryant)  5:00
5 My Blues (Blues, n° 5) (Bryant)  7:40
6 Rockin' Chair (Carmichael)  5:16
7 Stocking Feet (Bryant)  4:47


Ray Bryant - p solo

Recorded in Hackensack, New Jersey ; December 19, 1958


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