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The Blue Stars Of France - Pardon my English

There are only a select few that can boast of having owned the original release of "Pardon My English" by the "Blue Stars of France". A charmingly kitsch cover photograph brings to mind album sleeves of vocal groups such as the Platters, the Drifters and the Flamingos. These groups dominated the world of successful American popular music during the mid 1950', but they hardly enjoyed a favorable opinion from jazz enthusiasts. In smite of their appearence, Les Blue Stars were not striving to compete with those bands. Their sound was closest to groups like the Hi-Lo's or the Four Freshmen, with whom they shared common roots dating back to the Swing Era. At the time, nearly all big bands were performing with vocal groups such as The Pied Pipers (Tommy Dorsey), The Modernaores (Glenn Miller), The Snowflakes (Claude Thornhill), The Blue Reys (Alvino Rey), The Blue Flames (Woody Herman), and Four Bees and a Honey (Fred Waring). A member from the last three of those groups, singer and pianist Blossom Dearie, was invited to Paris in 1952 by Nicole Barclay. She suggested that Blossom start a vocal group on the Old Continent that would compare to those in America, something that could also benefit her husband Eddie. Upon arrival in the French capital, Blossom started working as a pianist and singer in the cabaret scene. She performed for awhile with Bob Dorough, and then in 1954 she borrowed the name of the record label created by Eddie Barclay and formed Les Blue Stars...
Alain Tercinet, translation by Nina Schmir, from the booklet

Blue Stars
Of France
Pardon my English


1 I'll Remember April (DeRaye, DePaul)  2:21
2 A Smooth One (Goodman)  2:25
3 (All Of a Sudden) My Heart Sings (Rome, Blanvillain, Herpin)  2:36
4 Small Talk (Adler, Ross)  2:40
5 I'm Lost Without You Tonight (Daniels, Greene)  2:55
6 Move (Best)  1:59
7 Did You Close Your Eyes (When We Kissed) (Merrill)  1:59
8 Bernie's Tune (Miller, Stoller, Leiber)  2:28
9 Don't Be That Way (Parish, Sampson, Goodman)  2:45
10 Please Be Kind (Cahn, Chaplin)  3:41
11 Star Dust (Parish, Carmichael)  2:49
12 Promises and Lies (Stock, Powell)  2:21

13 La Légende du pays aux oiseaux "Lola" (Shearing, Constantin)  2:48
14 Lettres à Virginie (Constantin)  3:02
15 Toute ma vie (That's My Girl) (Ellington, Lucchesi)  2:41
16 Embrasse-moi bien (Durand, Contet)  2:45
17 Jumpin' at the Woodside (Basie)  2:58
18 C'est la vie (White, Wolfson)  2:33
19 Broadway at Basin' Street (Wayne, Frish)  3:09
20 Grapevine (Alfred, Silver)  2:32


[# 1-12]
Vocal Quartet, possibly including
Mimi Perrin, Nadine Young, Christian Chevallier & Jean Mercadier
with Orchestral accompaniment
Recorded in Paris ; 1957
[# 13-16]
Blossom Dearie, Christiane Legrand, Jeannine de Waleyne, Nadine Young, Christian Chevallier, Roger Guérin, Jean Mercadier
with Orchestral accompaniment probably including
Roger Guérin - tp
Fats Sadi - vb
Bob Dorough - p
Michel Legrand - arr. [# 13]
Recorded in Paris ; November 1954
[# 13-16]
Same as above,
with Orchestral accompaniment
Recorded in Paris ; circa 1956

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