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Conte Candoli - Five

This excellent album (a reissue LP of music deserving to be reissued on CD) is really led by Shorty Rogers, who provided the dozen arrangements and five originals, although he does not play trumpet on the date. Featuring a quintet of fine West Coast players (including pianist Pete Jolly at the beginning of his career), Rogers' charts really set the mood for the set of cool jazz. Trumpeter Conte Candoli and tenor saxophonist Bill Perkins (heard at his coolest, tone-wise) take plenty of fine solos, while bassist Buddy Clark and drummer Mel Lewis are lightly swinging in support. This is a near-classic that has somehow remained obscure through the years, perhaps due to the group's name.
Scott Yanow

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/album/five-mw0001379844

Conte Candoli


1 Whistle While You Work (Churchill)  2:31
2 Perkin' (Rogers)  2:39
3 Beyond the Sea (Lawrence, Trenet)  3:37
4 I Dig Ed (Rogers)  3:16
5 Lullaby of the Leaves (Young, Petkere)  3:08
6 Forelock (Rogers)  3:03
7 Soft as Spring (Wilder)  2:57
8 Just for Judie (Rogers)  3:17
9 If I Love Again (Murray, Oakland)  2:49
10 Red Eyes (Jolly)  3:04
11 Pushin' Sand (Hillman, Simmons)  3:04
12 I'll Be in Scotland After You (Rogers)  2:49


Conte Candoli - tp
Bill Perkins - ts
Pete Jolly - p
Buddy Clark - b
Mel Lewis - dr

Recorded in Los Angeles ; March 9, 1955


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