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Zoot Sims & Henri Renaud - Night Session in Paris

"We were just one of the many acts. I thinks they opened with the trained seals and the jugglers and the comics. And then we came out as an 'American jazz band', just before the Nicholas Brothers came on to close first half. The headliner for the second half was Jacqueline François. So there were very few jazz fans in the audience [...] it was rather funny." That was how the (obviously amused) bassist Bill Crow described the Gerry Mulligan Sextet's appearance at the Olympia (as part of a programme billed between 1st and 20th 1956). It was quite a daring initiative for the period, given that modern jazz wasn't yet exactly a commonplace... Thanks to the insistence of Henri Renaud, Zoot and Jon Eardley (both part of the band) had been contacted by a French label to record an album with the former. Zoot and the pianist knew each other well, having been in the studios together three years previously with trombonist Frank Rosolino. Zoot, however — despite all the equanimity he displayed, whatever the context, as a musician who proudly claimed to be a "club musician" — didn't think it would be superfluous if they got together at some point prior to the planned session. So the day before, everyone gathered in a private studio after the Olympia concert : pianist Henri Renaud and Eddie de Haas, a Dutch bassist living in Paris ; drummer Charles Saudrais, then aged only 18 ; trumpeter Jon Eardley ; and Zoot Sims. At the request of Renaud and Zoot, who wanted to hear themselves on some tunes, the tape reels were spinning ; the spool captured two blues pieces, "Charlie Was to Rouen" and "Charlie Went to Cherbourg", and a couple of standards, "Crazy Rhythm" and "I've Found a New Baby". The results were remarkable, and any thoughts of incompatibility were immediatly forgotten ; so much so that, thanks to Frank Ténot (and also the musician's consensus that they were quite happy with what they'd just invented in a loose, extremely good-naturel atmosphere), the tapes from what was originally intended as a private test were released by the Club Français du Disque. The next day, with Benoît Quersin replacing Eddie de Haas on bass, they went into the Thorens studios...
Alain Tercinet, from the booklet (english translation Nina Schmir)

Zoot Sims
Henti Renaud
Night Session in Paris


1 Charlie Went to Cherbourg (Renaud, Sims)  6:43
2 Crazy Rhythm (Caesar, Meyer, Kahn)  7:51
3 I've Found a New Baby (Palmer, Williams)  7:29
4 Charlie Was in Rouen (Mercer, Whiting)  4:08
5 Captain Jetter (Renaud)  5:04
6 Nuzzolese Blues (Renaud, Eardley, Sims)  7:23
7 Everything I Love (Porter)  4:20
8 On the Alamo (Kahn, Jones)  5:37
9 Evening in Paris (Jones)  3:22
10 My Old Flame (Johnston, Coslow)  3:26
11 Little John Special (Eardley)  4:56


[# 1-4]
Jon Eardley - tp
Zoot Sims - ts
Henri Renaud - p
Eddie de Haas - b
Charles Saudrais - dr
Recorded in Paris ; March 15, 1956
[# 5-11]
Same as above, except
Jon Eardley - tp, is out on #9
Benoît Quersin - b, replaces Haas
Recorded at Studio Thorens, Paris ; March 16, 1956


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