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Christian Zacharias plays Domenico Scarlatti, vol. 2 (16 Sonatas)

Christian Zacharias apparently discovered his "Latin" streak quite early. His many radio productions in France and French-speaking Switzerland, his exceptional affinity to the Latin lifestyle and Latin music-making, his French-directed films on Scarlatti and Schumann — this empty shows just how international this German artist is. And the Geneva Music Competition in 1969 and both the second prize and the Van Cliburn Competition in the U.S. in 1973 seem to suggest that the pianist, who was born in Germany in 1950, was better understood abroad than at home. This has changed, however. Just a few years ago, some purist critics were still tearing their hair because Zacharias was playing the middle movement of Mozart's Piano Concerto K. 467 or the opening movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata in the right tempo and with the appropriate expression. But he has since secured his permanent position in Germany's pianistic pantheon. He has performed at the top international venues, includung the festivals of Salzburg and Edinburgh, and is a welcome guest of the Berlin Philharmonic as well as of the New York Philharmonic, where he performed Mozart's demonic D minor Concerto under the direction of Mariss Jansons in early 1885. Here too, he stunned his audience with those sepctacular cadenzas which once upset many a humorless German critic : there was that awe-inspiring chord again, which suddenly shoved this highly expressive piano concerto into the netherwordly realm of Don Giovanni. It just happens that our overly familiar repertoire is still full of mysteries to be explored. And Christian Zacharias is one of the most remarkable explorer of our time...
Oliver Buslau, 1995. Translation Roger Clément, from the booklet

Christian Zacharias
Domenico Scarlatti


1 Sonata in C minor, K22 (L 360). Allegro  2:56       
2 Sonata in D minor, K11 (L 352)  2:21
3 Sonata in C, K502 (L 3). Allegro  4:07
4 Sonata in G, K146 (L 349)  2:49
5 Sonata in D minor, K141 (L 422). Allegro  4:09
6 Sonata in A minor, K532 (L 223). Allegro  5:14
7 Sonata in A, K268 (L 41). Allegro  4:29
8 Sonata in G minor, K315 (L 235). Allegro  3:18
9 Sonata in C, K132 (L 457). Cantabile  6:48
10 Sonata in C, K515 (L 255). Allegro  2:43
11 Sonata in D minor, K213 (L 108). Andante  6:58
12 Sonata in D, K492 (L 14). Presto  3:50
13 Sonata in G minor, K426 (L 128). Andante  6:57
14 Sonata in G, K427 (L 286). Presto, Quanto Sia Possibbile  2:41
15 Sonata in A minor, K109 (L 138). Adagio  07:50
16 Sonata in A, K537 (L 293). Prestissimo  3:12


Christian Zacharias - p

Recorded in Riehen, Ladgasthof, Switzerland ; January 19-21, 1994

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