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Jim Hall & Geoffrey Keezer - Free Association

Jim Hall / Geoffrey Keezer: Free Association, the latest ArtistShare release from veteran guitarist Jim Hall — paired with a relative newcomer, pianist Geoffrey Keezer — offers music in a pure state. The duo creates a timeless, genre-less sound, a combination of virtuosic beauty and fluid give-and-take combined with a deft use of space.
Jim Hall has collaborated on records with drummer Chico Hamilton, alto saxophonist Paul Desmond, and tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins, all legends. A legend himself now, the guitarist has also explored the duo setting with Bill Evans and George Shearing, and most recently with Enrico Pieranzuni on Duologues.
Much is made of of the sympatico generated by "working groups," a product of the familiarity that breeds a seamless flow. Though the working group title may not apply to Hall and Keezer, they have played together extensively, in recordings and engagements at the Village Vanguard and Birdland. Keezer also joined Hall for a European quartet tour last summer.
Like fully engaged and adroit conversationalists, Hall and Keezer listen and respond to each other, making a luminous sound that seems to transcend style and — especially in Hall's case — his instrument. Lost in the purity of the music, the piquant notes, and shimmering chords, one can lose track of the fact that it's a guitar coming at you from the speakers.
It's all a vibration of strings, electric and accoustic — the sweet percussive ring of Keezer's piano versus the sustain and expansive tang of Hall's guitar — done with an innovative, free-flowing eloquence.
Dan McClenaghan

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Jim Hall
Geoffrey Keezer
Free Association


1 End the Beguine (Hall, Keezer)  6:23
2 Bebo No Aozoa (Sakamoto)  5:53
3 A Merry Chase (Hall, Keezer)  3:50
4 Free Association (Hall, Keezer)  4:36
5 Furnished Flats (Hall, Keezer)  5:01
6 Counter Transference (Hall, Keezer)  2:59
7 Ouagadoudou (Hall, Keezer)  7:42
8 October Song (Hall, Keezer)  2:36


Jim Hall - g
Geoffrey Keezer - p

Recorded at the New School Performance Space, New York City ; June 13 & 14, 2005


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Thank you very much for this extraordinary recording! I really enjoyed every track. Keezer was new to me, and Hall was in great form, very much up to the adventurous approach they took here.

For Velobrewer's question about the files: The archive unzipped fine for me, but I did find the FLAC files themselves to be a bit too compressed for a few of the tagging apps I use to work as fast as usual. So I used dbpoweramp to first "uncompress" the FLACs then convert them back to a usable FLAC level for my processing tasks (replay gain, tags, resize cover art, etc..)

In the end, a truly amazing recording, much gratitude to Leopold for this!

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Thank you Leopold for making me known this pianist, as for Jim Hall...very inspired, very beautiful jazz!

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