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Here Comes Earl "Fatha" Hines

Earl Hines has a very cool trio here – a unique group that features Richard Davis on bass and Elvin Jones on drums – both younger modern players who provide a surprising match for his lead work on piano! Hines really seems to step up to the setting, and although his phrasing and tone echo his older years in jazz, there's also a fresh crackle to the record too – one that may also partly come from the way in which Earl was really being rediscovered and re-exposed at the time of the album's recording. Davis and Jones definitely never try to overdo things, but you can definitely feel their presence at work – particularly Jones, whose percussion on the record is a real delight. Titles include "Stanley Steamer", "Shoe Shine Boy", "Smoke Rings", "Save It Pretty Mama", and "Bernie's Tune".
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Earl Hines
Here Comes Earl "Fatha" Hines 


1 Save It, Pretty Mama (Hines)  3:23
2 Bye, Bye, Baby (Styne)  3:46
3 Smoke Rings (Gifford)  2:55
4 Shoe Shine Boy (Cahn, Chaplin)  4:07
5 A Stanley Steamer (Hines)  8:00
6 Bernie's Tune (Leiber, Miller, Stoller)  3:43
7 Dream of You (Lunceford, Moran, Oliver)  4:12


Earl Hines - p
Richard Davis - b
Elvin Jones - dr

Recorded in New York City ; January 17, 1966


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