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Charlie Parker At Storyville & At the Hi-Hat

Rare work by Charlie Parker, recorded at Storyville Nightclub in Boston in 1953 – originally broadcast on radio station WHDH, and featuring Bird in a more open, relaxed style than his studio sessions. The recording quality is a bit dated, but the quality of the playing isn't – with extremely fresh solo work by Parker, and great supporting work by players that include Herb Pomeroy, Red Garland, Roy Haynes, etc.
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The truism about jazz performers who predate the LP is that even live or on radio broadcasts, they rarely exceeded the three-and-half minute mark, so bound were their sensibilities by the recording limitations of the 78. So it comes as an illuminating pleasure to have this Parker recording, a collection of live broadcasts from Boston's Hi-Hat club recorded in late 1953 and early 1954 with a group of Boston sidemen. Bird blows through a handful of familiar tunes, mostly standards he helped to create, and between stretching out himself and being generous with the band, most cuts clock in between six and eight minutes. Just as wonderful is the fact that the sound quality is better than a lot of reissued Parker. Unlike, say, some of the Savoy/Denon cds, Live at the Hi-Hat isn't just for people who will cling to any available scrap of Bird's alto ; the fidelity is decent (although it does fade or cut out now and then), with piano, bass and drums coming through quite clearly (you can even hear the bass solo on "Ornithology"!). Note : Symphony Sid's introductions and announcements from the original broadcast are included as well.
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Charlie Parker
At Storyville
At the Hi-Hat


Cd. 1

1 Moose the Mooche (Parker)  5:05
2 I'll Walk Alone (Styne, Cahn)  4:53
3 Ornithology (Parker, Harris)  4:23
4 Out of Nowhere (Green, Heyman)  4:34
5 Now's the Time (Parker)  4:11
6 Don't Blame Me (Fields, McHugh)  4:58
7 Dancing on the Ceiling (Rodgers, hart)  2:29
8 Cool Blues (Parker)  4:44
9 Groovin' High (Gillespie)  5:04


Cd. 2

1 Now's The Time (Parker)  7:33
2 Ornithology [1] (Parker, Harris)  8:08
3 My Little Suede Shoes [1] (Parker)  7:44
4 Groovin' High (Gillespie)  6:08
5 Cheryl (Parker, Harris)  4:55
6 Ornithology [2] (Parker, Harris)  7:42
7 Cool Blues (Parker)  6:26
8 My Little Suede Shoes [2] (Parker)  5:57
9 Interview & Announcement (1]  1:02
10 Ornithology [3] (Parker, Harris)  7:54
11 Interview & Announcement [2]  1:13
12 Out  of Nowhere (Green, Heyman)  4:27
13 Jumpin' With Symphony Sid (Young)  2:36


[Cd. 1, # 1-4]
Charlie Parker - as
Red Garland - p
Billy Griggs - b
Roy Haynes - dr
Recorded at Storyville, Boston ; March 10, 1953
[Cd. 1,# 5-9]
Charlie Parker - as
Herb Pomeroy - tp
Sir Charles Thompson - p
Jimmy Woode - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
Recorded at Storyville, Boston ; September 22, 1953
[Cd. 2]
Charlie Parker - as
Herbie Williams  - tp
Rollins Griffith - p
Jimmy Woode - b
Marquis Foster - dr
Symphony Sid Torin - ann
Recorded live at The Hi-Hat, Boston, Massachusetts ; December 18 & 20, 1953 ; & January 24, 1954

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