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Thad Jones - Mad Thad & Olio

Jazz legend Thad Jones started his musical life as a trumpeter, and by the 1950s was one of the leading lights on New York's jazz scene. Later in his career he became equally renowned for his skill as an arranger composer, a talent he put to good use writing for the now legendary big band he ran with drummer Mel Lewis in the 1960s and '70s. This release concentrates on the early part of Thad's career, and both Mad Thad and Olio deliver thrilling, hard swinging modern jazz. Mad Thad features arrangements and compositions by Thad as well as luminaries Quincy Jones and Leonard Feather ; the line up is just as illustrious, the band including jazz stars such as Jimmy Jones piano, Jo and Elvin Jones drums and Frank Foster tenor sax as well as Thad's own superb contributions on trumpet. Olio also features a great line up including Thad Jones trumpet, Mal Waldron piano, Elvin Jones drums, Frank Wess tenor sax/flute, Teddy Charles vibes and Doug Watkins bass. Together they perform sublimely swinging original compositions by Mal Waldron and Teddy Charles, and a divine interpretation of Gershwin's "Embraceable You", all peppered with improvised solos of the highest order.

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Thad Jones
Mad Thad


1 Jumping For Jane (Feather)  5:33
2 Bird Song (Jones)  8:19
3 Mad Thad (Jones)  4:39
4 Cat Meets Chick (Feather)  5:23
5 Whisper Not (Golson, arr. Q. Jones)  5:41
6 Quit Sip (Jones)  8:58
7 Potpourri (Waldron)  6:06
8 Blues Without Woe (Charles)  7:59
9 Touché (Waldron)  6:26
10 Dakar (Charles)  6:59
11 Embraceable You (Gershwin,Gershwin)  4:18
12 Hello 'Frisco (Charles)  6:25


[# 1-6] Mad Thad - LP NJL 13 (1957)
[# 1, 3 & 5]
Frank Foster - ts
Jimmy Jones - p
Doug Watkins - b
Jo Jones - dr
Recorded at Esoteric Sound Studios, New York ; December 24, 1956
[# 2 & 6]
Frank Wess - ts & fl [# 6]
Henry Coker - tb [except 2]
Tommy Flanagan - p
Eddie Jones - b
Elvin Jones - dr
Recorded same place as above ; January 6, 1957*
[# 7-12] Olio - LP 32-065 (1957)
Thad Jones - tp
Frank Wess - ts & fl [# 7, 9 & 10]
Teddy Charles - vb
Mal Waldron - p
Doug Watkins - b
Elvin Jones - dr
Recorded at Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey ; February 16, 1957

*The "Ballad Medley" from the same session ["Flamingo", "If You Were Mine", "I'm Through with Love", &
"Love Walked In"] will be found here


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