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Dave Pell Octet Swingin' In The Ol' Corral

Swingin’ in the Ol’ Corral or “I’ll Be Hanged If They Don’t Hang Me First” owes its existence to a disc jockey named Jack Wagner, who had the fine habit of more than occasionally spinning jazz recordings on his several KHJ programs. The Dave Pell Octet happened to be one of his favorite groups, and so it was Dave to whom he turned when it occurred to him to present a sterling galaxy of Western tunes in a jazz format.
Pell seized on this one like a small lad going after a licorice stick, and in due time Swingin’ in the Ol’ Corral was strictly fact. The fact of the matter is that here is an album of great joy and rare good humor. Lofty praise of this success must be heaped on the various arrangers, who did a tasty job with this collection of songs certainly familiar to everyone.

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Dave Pell Octet
Swingin' in The Ol' Corral


1 I'm an Old Cowhand (Mercer)  2:55
2 Gal in Calico (Schwartz, Robin)  2:28
3 Empty Saddles (Hill, Brennan)  4:30
4 Arkansas (Evans, Ram)  2:44
5 Camptown March and Blues (Trad.)  3:14
6 South of the Border (Kennedy, Carr)  4:18
7 Wagon Wheels (Hill, DeRose)  4:13
8 Across the Alley from the Alamo (Greene)  2:26
9 My Sombrero (Cugat)  3:38
10 Oklahoma Hills (Guthrie, Guthrie)  3:10
11 Cool Water (Nolan)  3:25
12 I'll Be Hanged (MacCarthy, Redmond, Mysels)  3:08


Don Fagerquist - tp
Dave Pell - ts
Marty Berman - bs
Ray Sims - tb
Tommy Tedesco - g
Marty Paich - p
Buddy Clark - b
Frank Capp - dr

Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, on September 16 [# 5, 7 & 11] ; 18 [# 3, 4, 6, 8 & 10] ; & 21 [# 1, 2, 9 & 12] , 1956

Arrangers : Shorty Rogers [# 1 & 12], Med Flory [# 2], Jack Montrose [# 3 & 10], Bill Holman [# 4 & 8], Jerry Fielding [# 5 & 11] and Marty Paich [# 6,7 & 9]

Originally issued as 12" LP, RCA LPM-1394


Orbyt said...

Saperlipopette! What else can one say in the presence of a new Dave Pell? Mille mercis Melanchthon.

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What a great post! New Dave Pell for me. Thank you Mel.

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Thanks for this Dave Pell!

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Too cool for words!

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A superb (hitching) post! Many, many thanks.

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Dave Pell

Most excellent post indeed!

Hope to return the favour soon.

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deGallo said...

Thank you for this upgrade. I had an LP-mp3 rip that wasn't too good. Very nice.

grumpy said...

Wonderful! I too had a low bitrate LP rip, can't wait to hear this version.

mel said...

A strange album, this...

Some of the tracks succeed, while others don't.

The first two tracks, for example, are fine - when they start swinging one tends to forget the material they come from.

Oh, that's mot to say I don't like western - I was brought up on it, and that's decades before they came up with the "country and" prefix.

But I'd rather listen to Bing Crosby singing Empty Saddles (one of my favorite records since I was five years old) than to Pell's dreary effort.

Reminds me of a Kenton LP, with singer Tex Ritter, which was derided and shunned by the jazz community.

I wonder which audience these guys were aiming for?

- the other mel

stringbender said...

Thank you so much for posting this way cool Dave Pell side. Merci bien - c'est chouette! Would you by chance be able to post the CD of Swinging School Songs that Fresh Sound put out at the same time as this?

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All your posts are excellent taste and generous and this one is specially rareland.
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luthier said...

Dave Pell

New to me. Great post. Very enjoyable music. Thank you very much! :)

Philo said...

Dave Pell Octet - Swingin' In The Ol' Corral (1956)

A fun record. But why do record labels give us pictures of musicians sitting on a horse holding an instrument whenever there is a western theme?

For another silly example of bad "western" cover art check out this Pony Poindexter cd

Kovina Kris said...

Thank you Mel!

Scoredaddy said...

wow, more Pell. thanks!

Doc Litmus said...

I'm a little Dave Pell Octet fan. The file in the rar file are encrypted. Please, how can I open it?

Thank you and Regards
Doc Litmus

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never heard about this one
thanks a million

AmyBRAINS said...

It's a nice album.
Thanks a lot, Melanchthon.

headman said...

A greatly underated musician and arranger IMO and his string of RCA releases had far more "hits" than "misses"...take "I had the greatest dream" for instance....magic!

This one is completely new to me so thanks for sharing it, Mel.

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What an awful cover ! Completely new to me. Thank you very much once again !

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Thanks Mel. A very good upgrade for this beautiful album that I enjoyed many times.

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A dig Pell very much.

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Here is Texas we welcome such "jazz" Mel . . . thanks for the listen!

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Darn, can't believe I missed this one, any chance for a re-post?
Apologies if they are not part of your wonderful serv ice to the community; btw, thanks for all the terrific shares I had the pleasure of grabbing - my jazz education has been magnificently enriched here!!!