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Milt Jackson Sextet - Invitation

Six of the eight selections on this CD (plus two previously unreleased alternate takes) showcase vibraphonist Milt Jackson in an all-star sextet with trumpeter Kenny Dorham, tenor saxophonist Jimmy Heath, pianist Tommy Flanagan, bassist Ron Carter and drummer Connie Kay; the two remaining selections substitute Virgil Jones for Heath, giving the band two trumpets. The music swings (as one would expect from a Milt Jackson date) and the repertoire (three standards, Thelonious Monk's classic ballad "Ruby, My Dear," the obscure "Ruby," and three group originals) gives the set enough variety to hold one's interest throughout. It's not essential but Milt Jackson fans will enjoy this music. [Originally released in 1962, Invitation was digitally remastered on CD in 1988.]
Scott Yanow

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Milt Jackson



1 Invitation (Kaper, Webster)  3:55
2 Too Close for Comfort (Bock, Holofcener, Weiss)  5:15
3 Ruby, My Dear [Take 6] (Monk)   4:27
4 Ruby, My Dear [Take 5] (Monk)  4:15
5 The Sealer (Jackson)  6:32
6 Poom-A-Loom (Jackson)   6:56
7 Stella by Starlight (Washington, Young)  4:00
8 Ruby (Roemheld)  5:53
9 None Shall Wander [Take 8] (Dorham)  3:55
10 None Shall Wander [Take 6] (Dorham)  3:56


Milt Jackson - vb
Kenny Dorham - tp
Virgil Jones - tp [# 2 & 6 only]
Jimmy Heath - ts
Tommy Flanagan - p
Ron Carter - b
Connie Kay - dr

Recorded in Newx York City ; August 30, October 31 & November 7, 1962


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Track 8 is not by Monk. It is from the Movie "Ruby Gentry" and title track "Ruby" was written by Heinz Roemheld. A seldom heard tune that is great as a jazz standard. Thank you for a nice post

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