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Martial Solal - Complete Vogue Recordings, vol. 3

Spring 1956 : The Stan Kenton orchestra visited the Old Country. They stay in Paris was a godsend to Vogue, who managed to bring some "Kentonians" together with Martial Solal. The place : the stage of a cinema on the left Bank. They had to move quickly. They got to know each other, chose the songs and the order of the solos, and worked outthe arrangements, and the session began. The jazz they delivered with ease was, if not the most original, a joyful, fresh, spontaneous mix of standards, with only one piece by Solal. The group included the young trompet player, Vinnie Tano, recording for the first time. And an Englishman, Donald Percy Rendell, on tenor saxophone. He was a long-time member of the John Danworth septet who replaced Spencer Sinatra in the Kenton orchestra. "I Remember You" shows off his ethereal playing style and grace inspired by Lester Young. Carl Fontana is a phenomenon, a superb trombone, a virtuoso of the instrument. Eliminating all effects, he plays straight, elegant lines and unveils a tender velocity in "They Say that Falling in Love is Wonderful", an Irving Berlin tune that is all his own. The rythm section was completed by Curtis Counce on bass and Mel Lewis on drums. Each was to become famous on the West Coast. The drummer would finish his impressive career with a prestigious big band that was long directed by Thad Jones. In the presence of such talent, Solal shares his own to his heart's content. His harmonic choices command respect. His playing combines the vituosity of Art Tatum with the elegance of Teddy Wilson. His fingers fly over the keyboard, getting dizzy, surprising themselves with surprises...
Pierre de Chocqueuse (November, 1998), translation Victoria Rummler, from the booklet

Martial Solal
Complete Vogue Recordings, vol. 3


1 The Way You Look Tonight (Fields, Kern)  11:14
2 They Say That Falling in Love Is Wonderful (Berlin)  5:55
3 Blues Martial (Solal)  7:47
4 Steeple Chase (Parker)  6:45
5 Jive at Five (Basie, Edison)  7:15
6 I Remember You (Mercer, Schertzinger)  5:13
7 Why Not ? (Hefti)  7:10
8 Au 4eme Top (Solal)  2:58
9 Midi 1/4 (Solal)  3:05
10 Horloge Parlante (Solal)  2:50
11 Dernière Minute (Solal)  2:03


[# 1-7] Martial Solal & Les Kentonians, Escale à Paris
Vinnie Tanno - tp [except # 2 & 6]
Carl Fontana - tb [except # 6]
Don Rendell - ts
Martial Solal - p
Curtis Counce - b
Mel Lewis - dr
Recorded in Paris ; May 3, 1956
[# 8-11] Martial Solal & son Grand Orchestre, Quelle heure est-il ?
Roger Guérin, Bernard Hulin, Fernand Verstraete, Fred Gérard, Robert Fassin - tp
Billy Byers, André Paquinet, Benny Vasseur, Charles Verstraete - tb
Teddy Amelyn - as
Hubert Rostaing - as & cl
Georges Grenu, Armand Migiani - ts
William Boucaya - bs
Martial Solal - p
Benoit Quersin - b
Christian Garros - dr
Recorded in Paris ; May 30, 1956


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