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Herbie Hancock - Speak Like a Child

Between 1965's Maiden Voyage and 1968's Speak Like a Child, Herbie Hancock was consumed with his duties as part of the Miles Davis Quintet, who happened to be at their creative and popular peak during those three years. When Hancock did return to a leadership position on Speak Like a Child, it was clear that he had assimilated not only the group's experiments, but also many ideas Miles initially sketched out with Gil Evans. Like Maiden Voyage, the album is laid-back, melodic, and quite beautiful, but there are noticeable differences between the two records. Hancock's melodies and themes have become simpler and more memorable, particularly on the title track, but that hasn't cut out room for improvisation. Instead, he has found a balance between accessible themes and searching improvisations that work a middle ground between post-bop and rock. Similarly, the horns and reeds are unconventional. He has selected three parts — Thad Jones' flügelhorn, Peter Phillips' bass trombone, Jerry Dodgion's alto flute — with unusual voicings, and he uses them for tonal texture and melodic statements, not solos. The rhythm section of bassist Ron Carter and drummer Mickey Roker keeps things light, subtle, and forever shifting, emphasizing the hybrid nature of Hancock's original compositions. But the key to Speak Like a Child is in Hancock's graceful, lyrical playing and compositions, which are lovely on the surface and provocative and challenging upon closer listening.
Thomas Erlewine

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Herbie Hancock
Speak Like a Child


1 Riot (Hancock)  4:37
2 Speak Like a Child (Hancock)  7:47
3 First Trip (Carter)  5:59
4 Toys (Hancock)  5:50
5 Goodbye to Childhood (Hancock)  7:04
6 The Sorcerer (Hancock)  5:34
7 Riot [first alt. take] (Hancock)  4:53
8 Riot [second alt. take] (Hancock)  4:38
9 Goodbye to Childhood [alt. take] (Hancock)  5:49


Thad Jones - flghrn
Peter Phillips - b tb
Jerry Dodgion - alt fl
Herbie Hancock - p
Ron Carter - b
Mickey Roker - dr

Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, New Jersey ; March 6 [# 1-3, 7 & 8] ; & March 9, [# 4-6 & 9], 1968


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