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The Swinging Buddy Rich

This cd is an hommage to jazz legend Buddy Rich, a great, swinging drummer with roots in the Swing Era. Rich played with some of the best big bands, but it was his association with Tommy Dorsey that first thrust him into the consciousness of a whole generation of swing fans. He won many Down Beat awards during his time, going as far back as 1941, and has been ranked by most authorities as the leading drummer in jazz during a span of more than two decades. Drummers of all persuasion have shown their admiration for Rich. Max Roach, dean of modern drummers, after making an LP with Buddy, said that he was “a fabulous musician, either in a big band or with a small group.” Philly Joe Jones, one of the most respected of all jazz drummers, remarked, “Buddy does things that are unbelievable for any drummer… I’ve seen Buddy do all kinds of solos, any way you can think of, and I’ve never seen him do tricks.” To top things up, no less an authority on the subject than Gene Krupa said: “Buddy Rich is the greatest drummer of all time.” It is hard to get better than that !

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The Swinging
Buddy Rich
West Coast All-star Sessions
(2 Lps On 1 Cd)


1 Let’s Fall In Love (Arlen, Koehler)  2:50
2 Me And My Jaguar (Rich)  3:48
3 Just Blues (Rich)  6:27
4 Sweets’ Opus No.1 (Edison)  2:37
5 Strike It Rich (Mandel)  6:32
6 Sportin’ Life (Sweetie Pie) (Edison)  2:36
7 Piano, Bongos, Bass, And Guitar (Dennis, Adair)  3:27
8 Jump For Me (Basie)  5:42
9 Blues For Basie (Edison)  7:17
10 Shorty George (Basie)  5:12
11 9:20 Special (Warren)  4:34
12 Blue And Sentimental (Basie, Livingston, David)  4:47
13 Down For Double (Green)  4:06
14 Jumping At The Woodside (Basie)  6:23
15 Ain’t It The Truth (Basie, Harding, Palmer)  3:00


[# 1-6] from the 12" album "The Swinging Buddy Rich" (Norgran MGN-1052).
Harry “Sweets” Edison - tp
Milt Bernhart - tb
Benny Carter - as
Georgie Auld - ts
Bob Lawson - bs
Jimmy Rowles - p
John Simmons - b
Buddy Rich  - dr
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, California ; August 21, 1953.
Harry “Sweets” Edison - tp
Milt Bernhart - tb
Willie Smith - as
Zoot Sims - ts
Bob Poland - bs
Gerald Wiggins - p
Joe Comfort - b
Buddy Rich - dr
Jack Costanzo - bng
Johnny Mandel - arr.
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, California ; August 27, 1954.
[# 7] from the 78rpm Norgran 126.
Buddy Rich - vcl
Harry “Sweets” Edison - tp
Gerald Wiggins - p
Joe Comfort - b
Jack Costanzo - bng
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, California ; August 27, 1954.
[# 8-15] from the 12" LP "This One's For Basie" (Norgran MGN-1086).
Conrad Gozzo, Pete Candoli & Harry "Sweets" Edison - tp
Frank Rosolino - tb
Bob Enevoldsen - tb
Bob Cooper - ts
Buddy Collette - fl, ts & bs
Jimmy Rowles - p
Bill Pitman - g
Joe Mondragon - b
Buddy Rich - dr
Marty Paich - arr.
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, California ; August 24 [# 8-11] ; & 25 [# 12-15], 1956


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