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Lucky Thompson and Gigi Gryce in Paris

Tenor saxophonist Lucky Thompson recorded enough material as a leader during the first half of 1956 (mostly in Paris) to fill up 12 LPs. This CD has music from two of his rarer sessions, featuring Thompson playing 12 songs (ten of which are his originals) with a French octet that includes pianist Martial Solal and some fine sidemen; these sessions were last available as the Xanadu LP Brown Rose. Thompson's warm tenor is well showcased at a variety of tempoes during the high-quality music. None of the songs caught on but the performances are quite enjoyable. In addition, this CD reissue features altoist Gigi Gryce on six numbers cut in France in 1953 when he was touring with Lionel Hampton's Orchestra ; those selections are from the same sessions that resulted in classic recordings by trumpeter Clifford Brown although Brownie (who appears on one of these numbers) is not heard from here. The CD concludes with two selections from the same period featuring the young trumpeter Art Farmer in a sextet/septet with trombonist Jimmy Cleveland and altoist Anthony Ortega. Although not essential, this reissue is easily recommended to collectors of 1950s straightahead jazz.
Scott Yanow

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Lucky Thompson
"Street Scenes"
Lucky Thompson & Gigi Gryce in Paris


1 Quick as a Flash (Thompson)  2:40
2 The Parisian Knights (Thompson)  2:12
3 Street Scene (Thompson)  2:58
4 Angel Eyes (Brent, Dennis)  3:15
5 To You Dear One (Thompson)  3:12
6 But Not for Tonight (Pochonet, Thompson)  4:00
7 A Distant Sound (Thompson)  2:58
8 Once upon a Time (Thompson)  2:50
9 Still Waters (Thompson)  3:00
10 Theme for a Brown Rose (Pochonet)  3:07
11 A Sunkissed Rose (Thompson)  3:32
12 Portrait of Django (Sasson)  3:43
13 Paris the Beautiful (Gryce)  4:16
14 Purple Shades (Jones)  2:51
15 La Rose Noire (Jones)  3:35
16 Anne Marie (Gryce)  3:34
17 Hello (Gryce)  4:19
18 Evening in Paris (Jones)  3:56
19 Strike up the Band (Edwards, Gershwin, Gershwin, Rodgers)  3:58
20 Serenade to Sonny (Ortega)  2:40


[# 1-6]
Lucky Thompson - ts
Christian Bellest - tp
Charles Verstraete - tb
Jo Hrasko - as
Marcel Hrasko - bs
Martial Solal - p
Jean-Pierre Sasson - g
Benoit Quersin - b
Gérard "Dave" Pochonet - dr
Recorded in Paris ; April 17, 1956
[# 7-12]
Same as above, except
André Paquinet - tb, replaces Verstraete & Bellest
Recorded in Paris ; March 29, 1956
[# 13-16]
Gigi Gryce - as
Art Farmer - tp [# 14]
Anthony Ortega - as & fl  [# 13-15]
Clifford Solomon - ts  [# 13-15]
Jimmy Cleveland - tb  [# 13-15]
Henri Renaud or Quincy Jones [# 15] - p
Jimmy Gourley - g [# 16]
Pierre Michelot - b
Alan Dawson - dr
Quincy Jones - arr.
Recorded in Paris ; September 28, 1953
[# 17]
Gigi Gryce - as
Clifford Brown - tp
Jimmy Cleveland - tb
Clifford Solomon - ts
Henri Renaud - p
Pierre Michelot - b
Jean-Louis Viale - dr
Recorded in Paris ; October 10, 1953
[# 18]
Gigi Gryce - as
Quincy Jones - p
Jean-Louis Viale - dr
Recorded in Paris ; October 11, 1953
[# 19-20*]
Art Farmer - tp
Marcel Dutrieux - b
Jimmy Cleveland - tb
Anthony Ortega - as [# 19]
Clifford Solomon - ts [# 19]
Henri Renaud - p
Pierre Michelot or Marcel Dutrieux* - b
Alan Dawson or Jean-Louis Viale* - dr
Recorded in Paris ; September 28 & October 10*, 1953

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