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The Jimmy Giuffre Clarinet

This quietly influential 1956 album, reissued after being out of print many years, is essential listening for anyone who favors ECM- and Windham Hill-style music, because Giuffre was a key source for such pastoral impressionism and did it better than any of his successors.
Built around his subtone, Lester Young-inspired clarinet playing, which never rises above the middle-register, the album presents Giuffre in a wide range of settings, beginning with an unaccompanied blues ('So Low') and including two harmonically adventurous pieces for wind ensemble ('The Side Pipers' and 'The Sheepherder'). Best of all, perhaps, is 'My Funny Valentine,' with its Gil Evans-like shadings.
There are moments of preciousness here, as Giuffre himself eventually realized. But time has granted them a nostalgic charm, while the purity and intelligence of this album's best music hasn't dated one bit.
Larry Kart

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Jimmy Giuffre


1 So Low (Giuffre)  2:48
2 Deep Purple (DeRose, Parish)  4:38
3 The Side Pipers (Giuffre)  5:07
4 My Funny Valentine (Hart, Rodgers)  5:03
5 Quiet Cook (Giuffre)  4:18
6 The Sheepherder (Giuffre)  5:23
7 Fascinating Rhythm (Gershwin, Gershwin)  4:04
8 Down Home (Giuffre)  5:40


[# 1]
Jimmy Giuffre - cl & foot-tapping
[# 2]
Jimmy Giuffre - cl
Jimmy Rowles - clst
[# 3]
Jimmy Giuffre - cl
Buddy Collette - fl
Bud Shank - alt fl
Harry Klee - b fl
Shelly Manne - dr
[# 4]
Jimmy Giuffre - cl
Bob Cooper - ob
Dave Pell - engl hrn
Maury Berman - bssn
Ralph Peña - b
[# 5]
Jimmy Giuffre - cl
Ralph Peña - b
Stan Levey - dr
[# 6]
Jimmy Giuffre - cl
Buddy Collette - alt cl
Harry Klee - b cl
[# 7]
Jimmy Giuffre - cl
Jimmy Rowles - p
Shelly Manne - dr
[# 8]
Jimmy Giuffre - cl
Harry Edison, Shorty Rogers & Jack Sheldon - tp
Bob Cooper & Dave Pell - ts
Maury Berman - b s
Ralph Peña - b
Stan Levey - dr

Recorded in Los Angeles, California ; March 21, 1956 [# 1, 4, 5 & 8] ; & March 22, 1956 [# 2, 3, 6 & 7]

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Been living with mp3s of this since 2006; so many, many thanks for the upgrade, mel...

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What a great musician Giuffre was.
Reviwer should also recommend Fascinating Rhythm, for the changes of piano, clarinet & drums.
Thank you Melanchthon for recover this jewel.

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Ha! I liked that. I wonder what Giuffre would think of being labeled the progenitor of ECM? But you're absolutely on target, and as you point out, he eventually moved away after finding it too precious. Too bad others didn't, and there's now a cottage industry on that label built of musicians trying to sound Bill Evans on Valium. :)

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These Japanese remasters of Guiffre's early sides are a marvel. Delightful post, Mel. Thank you.

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I have snagged a number of excellent Jimmy Guiffre albums from here Mel, so many thanks, and I notice they all have a very very very almost surprisingly high sound quality.... possibly Jimmy Guiffre, like Duke Ellington, had some interest in and influence on the way his albums were recorded, because they all sound fantastic.

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