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Vladimir Horowitz Plays Clementi

The oeuvre of Muzio Clementi is awesome, embodying some 101 sonatas - 66 of which are for piano alone - and also that remarkable collection Gradus ad Parnassum. Yet his reputation in the years after his death diminished - perhaps because he had devoted so much of his later life to teaching and not to composing - and his work remain largely neglected to this day.
Born in Rome in 1752, Clementi was educated by the foremost musicians of that city. His fame as pianist, composer, teacher and innovator of keyboard techniques, composition and performance was widespread ; he was known not only in his native Rome but in Vienna, Paris, and London, where he lived nearly all of his life. It is thanks to Clementi that the horizons of the keyboard were no longer bound by the conventions governing the harpsichord, and the enlargement of the keyboard vocabulary was manisfested in his own early works, which foreshadowed Beethoven and the Romanticism that was just over the horizon.
Clementi may really be called the father of the piano sonata. His works, particulary those through Op. 40, had an enormous influence on Beethoven ; Schindler, driend and biographer of Beethoven, attests to the admiration of this composer for Clementi. All of of the sonatas through Op. 40 are the product of a vision far in advance of the state of the art. It was through these early works and through the subsequent influence of such pupils as Field, Cramer, Kalkbrenner, Moscheles, Myerbeer, etc., that his impact on the entire Romantic repertoire could be felt...
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Vladimir Horowitz


Muzio Clementi

Piano Sonatas

Sonata quasi Concerto in C, Op. 33 n° 3
1 I. Allegro con spirito  10:09
2 II. Adagio e cantabile, con espressione  5:50
3 III. Presto  5:26

Sonata in G minor, Op. 34 n° 2
4 I. Largo. Allegro con fuoco  9:22
5 II. Poco adagio  5:53
6 III. Allegro molto  6:22

Sonata in F minor, Op. 14 n° 3
7 I. Allegro agitato  4:12
8 II. Largo e sostenuto  4:56
9 III. Presto  4:34

Sonata in F-sharp minor, Op. 26 n° 2
10 I. Piuttosto allegro con espressione  3:53
11 II. Lento e patetico  3:47
12 III. Presto  3:45

13 Rondo (Sonata, Op. 47 n° 2)  3:34


Vladimir Horowitz - p

Recorded live ; 1979-1980 [# 1-3] ; 1954 [# 4-12] ; & 1950 [# 13]


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