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Sviatoslav Richter - Aldeburgh Festival '64

Shortly after Richter's recital at the Parish Church at the 17th Aldeburgh Festival (a recital given jointly with Britten, wich also included the four-hand Variations in A-flat), The London Times had this to say : "Schubert's E minor Sonata is a fairly slight piece, but Mr. Richter brought to it an exquisite gentleness and refinement, even sometimes at the expense of a truly Schubertian flow - not that it mattered for the sheer intensity running through his playing somehow overrides such everyday considerations... The air of gentle musing that pervaded the first movement was present, too, in the Andante, wich was played with the profoundest delicacy and with a masteful sense of line spanning the entire movement and enabling him to achieve an extraordinary degree of intesity. He gave the feel, beautifully moilded, firmly sprung account of the Scherzo, and his marvellously controlled performance of the Finale comprehended a range of emotion one had not previously suspected here." Peter Stadlen in the Daily Telegraph called this "a truly unfogettable recital... the experience of a lifetime."
Biographical Notes by Leo Riemens, revised and augmented by Peter Burkhardt, from the booklet

Sviatoslav Richter


Franz Schubert

Two Piano Sonatas

Sonata in E minor, D566

1 I. Moderato  7:16
2 II. Scherzo/Trio  6:39
3 III. Allegretto  6:57


Sonata in B-flat Major, Op. Posth. D960

4 I. Molto moderato  25:17
5 II. Andante sostenuto  10:06
6 III. Scherzo/Trio  3:32
7 IV. Allegro ma non troppo  7:14

Sviatoslav Richter - p

Recorded at Aldeburgh Festival ; 1964


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