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Richter Plays Bach

This studio-recorded collection, from the same sessions as Sviatoslav Richter's disc of the English Suites Nos. 1 and 3 (Stradivarius 33333), largely duplicates a live concert issued as Live Classics 421. But the Stradivarius disc has more music (more than 76 minutes), and the program is very cleverly arranged. We hear a series of mostly unfamiliar Bach works, finally culminating in the familiar "Italian" Concerto. If you already have found Richter's Bach playing moving and satisfying, you'll want to add this or the Live Classics recital to your collection. If not, try starting out with one of the discs of English Suites (Stradivarius 33333 or 33334), all music on Bach's highest level.
Leslie Gerber

Source :

Johann Sebastian Bach


Sonata in Do maggiore BWV 966
(rielaborazione della III sonata dall "Hortus Musicus"
di Jan Adam Reinken)
1 Prelude   0:34
2 Allemande 3:11
3 a. Adagio - b. Allegro 1:46
4. Fuga 3:35


Sonata in Re maggiore BWV 963
5 Allegro maestoso 3:10
6 Grave 1:21
7 Fugata 2:56
8 a. Adagio (Presto - Adagio - Allegro) - b. Fuga 3:14


Sonata in Re minore BWV 964
(trascrizione della II sonata in la minore BWV 1003 per violino solo,
probabilmente di Wilhelm Friedmann Bach)
9 Adagio 4:05
10 Thema - Allegro 6:58
11 Andante 4:45
12 Allegro 5:31

13 Capriccio in Mi maggiore BWV 993 6:58
"In honorem Johann Christoph Ohrdrufiensis"

Quatro Duetti
14 N° 1 in Mi minore BWV 802 3:00
15 N° 2 in Fa maggiore BWV 803 3:35
16 N° 3 in Sol maggiore BWV 804 2:26
17 N° 4 in La minore BWV 805 2:49


Concerto Italiano in Fa maggiore BWV 971
18 Allegro 4:15
19 Andante 5:50
20 Presto 4:07


Sviatoslav Richter - p

Recorded Giugno, 1991


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