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Jimmy Raney - Strings & Swings

This important Muse LP, only the fourth release by the label, teams together a pair of very interesting and never previously released sessions featuring guitarist Jimmy Raney. The first side, from 1957, has Raney joined by violin, viola, cello, bassist Peter Ind and drummer Nick Stabulas for his five-part "Suite for Guitar Quintet." the music is influenced a bit by composers Béla Bartók (one section is called "Homage to Bartok") and Alan Berg, but still swings in its own fashion and is a superior showcase for Raney's beautiful sound. The second side has four jazz standards (including "Bernie's Tune" and "Stella by Starlight") performed by Raney in 1969 in a quintet with tenor saxophonist Bobby Jones, pianist Bob Lam, bassist Jack Brengle, and drummer John Roy. Recorded live at a gig in Louisville, KY, this session was Raney's only recording of the 1965-1973 period and only his second date since the 1957 string set. The hard to find Muse LP is highly recommended.
Scott Yanow

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Jimmy Raney
Strings & Swings


Suite For Guitar Quintet

1 Homage to Bartók  4:35
2 Miracle on Main Street  4:51
3 Pari Passu  3:38
4 A la Belle Etoile  5:09
5 Finale. Presto  3:54

6 Bernie's Tune (Miller, Leiber, Stoller)  6:14
7 Darn that Dream (Van Heusen, DeLange)  4:19
8 Stella by Starlight (Young)  7:30
9 'Round Midnight (Monk)  5:26


[# 1-5] Jimmy Raney Trio With Strings Trio
Gene Orloff - vl
Walter Trampler - vla
Charles McCracken - cel
Jimmy Raney - g
Peter Ind - b
Nick Stabulas - dr
Recorded in New York ; September 5, 1957
[# 6-9] Jimmy Raney Quintet
Bobby Jones - ts
Bob Lam - p
Jimmy Raney - g
Jack Brengle - b
John Roy - dr
Recorded at "Port O'Call Gallery", Louisville, KY ; April 11, 1969

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