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Paul 'Tchan Tchou' Vidal - La Gitane

"Tchan Tchou", whose legendary album are reissued here at last, is still without doubt the best example of the gypsies's freedom of expression. Without rejecting django reinhardt tchan tchou found his own path quite naturally. A subtle performer of boleros, rumbas or tangos, forms of dance music which are often dismissed by purists, Tchan-Tchou is known above all as the master of Gypsy waltz. In short, the guitar style of Tchan-Tchou, perfectly transparent, is concerned with Music and nothing else. In an era when the adepts of Gypsy guitar lose track of more notes than they actually play, it is high time for the listener to rediscover on this fine album the very essence of the genre: untrammelled spontaneity and energetic force combining to enhance the entire repertoire. This record has the verve of natural and yet highly structured music, containing both an ornamental attempt to please and the unstoppable desire to remain apart. Such was the challenge to Paul Tchan-Tchou Vidal, who aimed to reconcile subtle melodic variations addressed to the enlightened fan, with the striking virtuoso effects that could win the allegiance of a wider public. Of course, "music is not a means of transport !" as the composer Paul Dukas said, but we can bet that this album’s listeners will soon start to see things differently !

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"Tchan Tchou"
La Gitane


1 Les Yeux Noirs (trad.)  2’19
2 La Gitane (Tchan Tchou Vidal)  2’50
3 Premier Rendez-vous (Poterat, Sylvanno)  2’38
4 Make The Knife (Keil, Bretch)  2’58
5 Just a Gigolo (Casucci)  2’29
6 Dolores (Tchan Tchou Vidal)  1’48
7 Les Flots du Danube (Ivanovicci)  3’20
8 I’Am Confessin (that I Love You) (Daugherty, Reynolds)  2’54
9 The Cheik of Araby (Snyder)  2’33
10 Les deux guitares (DP)  2’15
11 Bye Bye Blue (Bennet, Gray)  2’32
12 Besame Mucho (Velasquez)  2’59

13 Nuages (Reinhardt)  3’33
14 Everybody Love Somebody (Taylor, Cane)  3’15
15 Stranger In The Night (Kempfer, Singleton, Snyder)  2’40
16 Tant pis ou tant mieux (Tchan Tchou, Bonifay)  2’35


Paul "Tchan Tchou" Vidal - g
René Duchaussoir - g
Pierre Michelot - b
Christian Garros - dr
Release 1964 (Label : Bel Air - Ref : LP : 411053 - Reédition Musidisc CV 1098)

Robert Palayan : g
Other musicians unknow
Release 1966 (Label : J.B.P. - Ref : EP J.B.P. 100)

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