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Oscar Pettiford - Another One

Oscar Pettiford became a major influence on a number of jazz artists along with fellow bassists Jimmy Blanton and Charles Mingus. Another One, Pettiford's third album as a leader for the Bethlehem label, was recorded in 1955. This exceptional date features the horns of Donald Byrd, Ernie Royal, Bob Brookmeyer, Gigi Gryce, and Jerome Richardson. Highlights include the Pettiford-penned "Bohemia After Dark," named after the club in Greenwich Village and acknowledged as a jazz standard, "Stardust," featuring Pettiford's poetic bass faintly accompanied by pianist Don Abney, and "Minor Seventh Heaven," with Pettiford switching to cello. This is not just a bebop date; Pettiford had the range to incorporate influences like Duke Ellington and calypso, creating a full, lyrical band sound that matched his bass playing. Pettiford's legacy was cut short after he passed away suddenly in 1958 in Copenhagen at the age of 37.
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Oscar Pettiford
Another One


1 Kamman's A' Comin' (Pettiford)  4:12
2 Minor Seventh Heaven (Johnson)  4:11
3 Stardust (Carmichael, Parish)  3:31
4 Bohemia After Dark (Pettiford)  5:35
5 Oscalypso (Pettiford)  2:24
6 Scorpio (Williams)  3:46
7 Titoro (Taylor)  3:21
8 Don't Squawk (Pettiford)  4:17
9 Another One (Jones)  5:10


Oscar Pettiford - b
Donald Byrd - tp
Ernie Royal - tp
Bob Brookmeyer - tb
Gigi Gryce - as & cl
Jerome Richardson - ts & cl
Don Abney - p
Osie Johnson - dr

Recorded in New York City ; August 12, 1955

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