Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Josep Colom Plays César Franck

Can one imagine a concert in wich César Franck at the piano vied in virtuosity with Franz Liszt and Charles-Valentin Alkan ? And yet, this tournament is no Utopian fantasy : it did, in fact take place in Paris in the spring of 1837 in the showrooms of Hanri Pape, one of the most inventive piano makers of the period. The two already illustrious rivals of the youth who answered to the doubly imperial name of César-Auguste were to become his friends. At the age of fifteen Franck was still a piano pupil of Zimmermann at the Conservatoire. In August 1838 he succeeded with audacious brio in winning the Grand Prix d'Honneur for piano-forte, wich has remained unique in the annals of the institution : in the sight-reading test he calmy transposed the piece from E-flat into C. This feat, wich attracted considerable notice and wich the composer's father was to try to turn to advantage, encouraged Franck in his pursuit of a career on the concert stage until 1845. From then on his activities as pianist did not cease but changed. It is too often forgotten that throughout his life the composer who is invariably represented as seated at the manuals of his organ, remained a pianist of the very top rank. He never approached a piece of pusic, including symphonic music, but by ay of the piano, wich is borne out by the fact that his own orchestral works were to become know and even published in the form of reductions for two or four hands before being printed in their original versions...
Joël-Marie Fauquet, From the booklet, translated by Derek Yeld

Josep Colom
César Franck
(1822 - 1890)
Works for piano


Prélude, aria et final

1 Prélude, allegro moderato e maestoso  9:08
2 Aria, lento  6:02
3 Final, allegro molto e agitato  6:50

Prélude, choral et fugue

4 Prélude, moderato  4:45
5 Choral, poco più lento  7:05
6 Fugue, tempo primo  7:50

Prélude, fugue et variation
(extraits de pièces d'orgue)

7 Prélude, andantino cantabile  4:35
8 Fugue, allegretto ma non troppo  3:20
9 Variation, andantino, tempo primo  3:40

Ballade, op. 9

10 Ballade  17:00


Josep Colom - p

Recorded in Paris ; February 25 & September 8-9, 1992

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