Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gary McFarland - Point of Departure

A great record — and one that's filled with so many wonderful little moments ! The whole thing's a very cool, very off-beat set of jazz tracks recorded by vibist Gary McFarland, with a group that includes Jimmy Raney on guitar, Richie Kamuca on tenor, and Steve Swallow on bass — a lineup that's as quirky as the sound of the record ! The tunes are quite different than some of Gary's larger arrangements for Verve, but they've definitely got a very similar charm — quite groovy, and a unique blend of bossa influences, west coast jazz, modal rhythms, and other wonderful touches.
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Gary McFarland
Point of Departure


1 Pecos Pete (McFarland)  4:19
2 Love Theme from David and Lisa (Lawrence)  4:41
3 Sandpiper (McFarland)  7:43
4 Amour Tormentoso (McFarland)  3:29
5 Schlock-House Blues (McFarland)  6:22
6 I Love to Say Her Name (McFarland)  5:17
7 Hello to the Season (McFarland)  7:02


Gary McFarland - vb
Willie Dennis - tb
Richie Kamuca - tb & ob
Jimmy Raney - g
Steve Swallow - b
Mel Lewis - dr

Recorded September 5 & 6, 1963


FrankDell said...

This one's new to me. Thanks Mel for bringing it to my attention. Can never get enough Richie Kamuca.

apf said...

This upgrades my mp3 version. Thank you so much!

Albertito Jazz said...

Muchísimas gracias, Melanchthon, como siempre.

Otis Foster said...

Interesting voicings for this group, and the seldom-heard Willie Dennis.

Thnx melanchthon

Paul Brigg said...

Many thanks!

adakun said...

Gracias Mel, otro disco muy agradable.

zero said...

Nice to hear McFarland in a smaller setting. Thank you.

d3lta said...

Many thanks for this very rare Japanese release!

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Otis Foster said...

Thanks mealnchthon

woolfnotes said...

I'm not quite sure why but this is one of my all-time favourite records

Wade Cottingham said...

thank you mel, for Gary McFarland's record I've never heard till now...

PlantDoctor53 said...

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