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Zoot Sims - New Beat Bossa Nova

The "Bossa nova", translated to English, means "the new beat". In its faster tempo, it very closely resembles the samba. The slower beat is more like that of the rhumba. However, there is a distinct subtlety of rhythmic difference that separates the bossa nova from both the samba and rhumba. The most characteristic and distinguishing features of the bossa nova are rich melodic lines and an overall lightness of ease and expression.
The authentic bossa nova requires several, specific percussive instruments - all of wich are used on this recording. One of these is the beaded cabaso, wich is somewhat like a gourd, except that it is filled with seeds or beads and shook instead of scratched. It sounds just a shade lighter than maracas. Another is the tubos shaker, wich is a wooden tube, often made of bamboo, that is also filled with beads or pellets.
On this recording a regular set of drums is used, but the authenticity, the main attacks are light use of the snare and cymbals with definite patterns for the cow bell and claves. A triangle hit from the inside and the sound immediately deadned, is used on certain accents. This definite accentuation is another mark wuch characterizes the bossa nova from the samba, as the samba is know in Noth America...
From original liner notes (New Beat Bossa Nova, vol. 1)
Unsigned ; probably by producer Jack Lewis

Zoot Sims
New Beat Bossa Nova
vol. 1 & 2


1 Recado Bossa Nova (Part 1) (Antonio, Ferreira)  2:38
2 Recado Bossa Nova (Part 2) (Antonio, Ferreira)  3:00
3 Cano Canoe (Micheyl)  5:39
4 Cantando A Orquestra (Lyra)  4:10
5 Ciume (Lyra)  4:15
6 María Ninguém (Lyra)  2:40
7 Sem Saudades De Vocé (Lyra)  6:04
8 Barquinho De Papel (Lyra)  2:55
9 Cancion de Bernardito (Bernie’s Tune) (Leiber, Miller, Stoller)  3:02
10 Poquito Cantando (Costa)  2:34
11 Piez Danzantes (Tickle Toe) (Young)  2:41
12 Camino Solitario (Lonesome Road) (Austin, Shilkret)  4:24
13 Samba Instantanea (Instant Samba) (Costa)  2:28
14 Llamaron El Viento Maria (They Call The Wind Maria) (Lerner, Loewe)  2:59
15 Querido Retorna a Mi (Lover Come Back To Me) (Romberg, Hammerstein)  5:04
16 Hijo de la Naturaleza (Nature Boy) (Ahbez)  3:06
17 Buscando la Luna (Reaching For The Moon) (Berlin)  2:54
18 No Juegues con El Amor (Don’t Fool With Love) (Lebowsky, Lehmann)  3:19

Arrangements by Manny Albam & Al Cohn


[# 1-8] New Beat Bossa Nova vol. 1 (Colpix SCP435)
Zoot Sims - ts
Spencer Sinatra - fl
Ron Odrich - fl & cl
Phil Woods - cl, as
Gene Quill - as & cl
Jim Hall - g
Kenny Burrell - g
Art Davis - b
Sol Gubin - dr
Ted Sommer & Willie Rodriguez - perc
Recorded in New York ; August 28, 1962.
[# 9-18] New Beat Bossa Nova, vol. 2 (Colpix SCP437)
Spencer Sinatra, Ron Odrich, Jerry Sanfino, Phil Bodner - fl & cl
Sol Schlinger - cl
Jim Hall - g
Barry Galbraith - g
Milt Hinton - b
Willie Rodriguez, Sol Gubin, Tommy López, Ted Sommer - perc
Recorded in New York ; November 1962

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