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The George Benson Cookbook

In mid-2001 Columbia/Legacy reissued this 1966 classic, along with It's Uptown, recorded only several months earlier. The Cookbook is widely considered Benson's essential jazz album, and for good reason. His aggressive, bop — and blues — oriented guitar work is at its peak, and in retrospect, his quartet's spirited blend of jazz, soul, and even rock is strikingly innovative. Four bonus tracks include a (previously unreleased) doo wop vocal rendition of Little Willie John's "Let Them Talk" and two Benson originals that are pure rock-n-roll : "The Man from Toledo" and "Goodnight." Two of the bonus cuts are preceded by control-booth comments from the session's legendary producer, John Hammond. [The 2001 CD reissue on Columbia/Legacy adds four bonus tracks, all recorded, like the rest of the album, in 1966 ; one of these, "Let Them Talk" (with a vocal by Benson), was previously unreleased.]
David R. Adler

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George Benson
The George Benson Cookbook


1 The Cooker (Benson)  4:19
2 Benny's Back (Benson)  4:12
3 Bossa Rocka (Benson)  4:25
4 All of Me (Marks, Simons)  2:10
5 Big Fat Lady (Benson)  4:44
6 Benson's Rider (Benson)  5:37
7 Ready 'N Able (Smith)  3:34
8 The Borgia Stick (Benson)  3:09
9 Return of the Prodigal Son (Ousley)  2:38
10 Jumpin' With Symphony Sid (Young)  6:36
11 The Man from Toledo [*] (Benson)  2:10
12 Slow Scene [*] (Benson)  3:14
13 Let Them Talk [*] (John)  2:54
14 Goodnight [*] (Benson)  2:21


Featuring Lonnie Smith, Ronnie Cuber, Billy Kaye, Bennie Green, Jimmy Lovelace, King Curtis, Blue Mitchell, etc...

Recorded between August 1, 1966 & November 22, 1966.

See the complete artwork for all details.


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