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Something Blue with the Paul Horn Quintet

Amazing early work from the mighty Paul Horn — a record cut during a time when he was a damn good musician with a keen sensibility for modernist modal jazz ! On this excellent date from 1960, Horn plays both flute and alto sax in a wonderful group — a combo with vibes from Emil Richards, bass from Jimmy Bond, piano from Paul Moer, and drums from Billy Higgins — all players with a very fluid, open sense of rhythm — one that makes the date dance and sparkle throughout ! There's a pulsating energy here that almost predates the MPS/Saba sound of the decade to come — and in addition to Horn's imaginative solos, which are much more soulful here than before, the record also features some sharp-edged chromatics from Richards on vibes, and almost melodic drums from Higgins. The album's one of our all-time favorites — and titles include "Something Blue", "Half & Half", "Mr Bond", "Dun Dunnee", and "Tall Polynesian".
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Paul Horn
Something Blue


1 Dun-Dunnee (Horn)  7:13
2 Tall Polynesian (Moer)  8:13
3 Mr. Bond (Horn)  8:21
4 Fremptz (Richards)  6:03
5 Something Blue (Horn)  7:37
6 Half and Half (Horn)  7:51


Paul Horn - as, fl & cl
Paul Moer - p
Jimmy Bond - b
Billy Higgins - dr
Emil Richards - vb

Recorded March 1960
Years before Paul Horn became famous for his pioneering new age and mood music albums, he was an adventurous bop-based improviser trying to create an alternative to the hard bop music of the era. On this CD reissue of a set cut for Hi Fi, Horn plays alto, flute and clarinet on six complex originals (four are by the leader) in a quintet with vibraphonist Emil Richards, pianist Paul Moer, bassist Jimmy Bond and drummer Billy Higgins. All of the music is pretty episodic with tricky frameworks and some unusual time signatures being utilized. The results are generally stimulating if rarely all that relaxed; Richards is actually the most impressive soloist on the interesting if often dry release.
Scott Yanow

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Paul Horn Quintet - Something Blue (1960)

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3.8 kb/sec. It's not going to take 'til the end of the world to download, but it doesn't quite lend itself to the word Rapidshare any longer.

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