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Roy Ayers - Daddy Bug

During 1967-1969, vibraphonist Roy Ayers (a few years before he turned to disco music) recorded three excellent albums for Atlantic. This 1976 LP has selections from two of the records, plus a pair of selections ("In the Limelight" and "Virgo Vibes") that were previously unreleased. On the fine sampler, Ayers' sidemen include Herbie Hancock, Joe Henderson, Charles Tolliver, and Ron Carter. "Slow Motion," the latest selection (from Dec. 1969), hints at the commercial direction that Ayers would be emphasizing from 1970 on.
Scott Yanow

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Roy Ayers
Daddy Bug


1 Daddy Bug (Ayers) 3:07
2 Bonita (Gilbert, Jobim) 2:48
3 This Guy's in Love with You (Bacharach, David) 4:46
4 I Love You Michelle (Birdsong) 4:46
5 Shadows (Williams) 3:40
6 Emmie (Nyro) 4:11
7 Look at the Sky (Jobim) 4:53
8 It Could Only Happen with You (Gilbert, Jobim, Oliveira) 2:50

[# 1, 2 & 5]
Roy Ayers - vb
Herbie Hancock - p
Buster Willimas - b
Mickey Rocca - dr
[# 3, 4 & 7]
Roy Ayers - vb
Herbie Hancock - p
Ron Carter - b
Freddy Waits - dr
[# 6]
Roy Ayers - vb
Sonny Sharrock - g
Herbie Hancock - p
Ron Carter - b
Bruno Carr - dr

Recorded at Atlantic Recording Studios and A & R Recording Studios ; 1969


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