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René Thomas & Bobby Jaspar

This record, which features an Italo-Belgian jazz quintet, offers eloquent proof of this new state of affairs : two international jazz stars, Bobby Jaspar and René Thomas, and three young Italians, Amedeo Tommasi, Maurizio Majorana and Franco Mondini, have recorded a group of memorable selections, extremely advanced in style, which bear out the great versatility of European jazz-players. In an interseting selection of well known American hits, classics of modern jazz and original compositions, the quintet offers the listener a through-going and generous sampling of its many possibilities, possibilities which have already been widely recognized in the dozens and dozens of concerts which this same outfit (except for Maurizio Majorana who was substituted by Giovanni Tommaso) gave during a recent tour with Chet Baker.
The three Italians, who handle their respective assignments in the most respectable fashion, both as accompanists and soloists, represent the youngest generations which have come to light in the Festivals of the Italian Jazz Federation and in the special broadcasts organized by the Italian Radio. This enthusiasm for jazz has ended by bringing the jazz "nurseries" in various cities, like Bologna, Lucca, Trieste, Udine, Palermo to wide public attention, cities which up until now had never or almost never before appeared on the Italian jazz scene. All signs, then, of the great vitality of this music which is winning an outstanding place in the Italian world of culture, alongside and on an equal footing with the other forms of contemporary art. And these encounters with players from other countries, with their different tendencies and styles, are the clearest proof of this fact.
This record, like the many others that have preceded it and are expected to follow in its wake, will serve to familiarize the public with the real possibilities of these young Italian musicians, who with only a little more study, experience and courage will easily move up into the elite ranks of the very best Italian jazzmen.
Alessandro Terranova, original liner notes (1962) from the booklet

René Thomas
Bobby Jaspar


1 Oleo (Rollins)  5:01
2 Theme For Freddie (Thomas)  4:13
3 Half Nelson (Davis)  7:05
4 But Not For Me (Gershwin)  6:02
5 Hannie's Dream (Tommasi)  5:32
6 Bernie's Taste (Porter)  4:08
7 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Kern)  2:49
8 I Remember Sonny (Thomas)  8:32


René Thomas - g
Bobby Jaspar - ts & fl [except # 1 & 7]
Amadeo Tommasi - p [except # 7]
Maurizio Majorana - b [except # 7]
Franco Mondini - dr [except # 4 & 7]
Francesco Lo Bianco - dr [# 4]

Recorded in Rome, Italy ; October, 1961.


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