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Maurizio Pollini Plays Arnold Schoenberg

Without an understanding of Schoenberg's concentrated language and intensity of expression, performances of his piano music can suffer either from cerebral dryness or confused murkiness. On this CD, Maurizio Pollini strikes a fine balance between analytical and emotionally demonstrative approaches to produce a lucid yet passionate result. Pollini's interpretations change appopriately from piece to piece, revealing that these keyboard works are as varied as the stages of Schoenberg's career, from the Post-Romanticism of his early years to the liberating innovations of his maturity. The enigmatic, ambivalently chromatic Three Piano Pieces, Op. 11, and the more adventurous, atonal Six Little Piano Pieces, Op. 19, signify the development of a new language, perhaps similar in mood to late Scriabin, but free of old mannerisms. The Five Piano Pieces, Op. 23, benefiting from Pollini's clarity and concentration, sound spare and aphoristic. In the 12-tone Suite, Op. 25, Pollini brings out the wit and fluid elegance that run throughout the work, which approaches Neo-Classicism in both form and wry detachment. The Two Piano Pieces, Op. 33a and 33b, are free-standing and integral expressions, despite their brevity. Deutsche Grammophon's high-quality sound is clean, with only minimal tape hiss.
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Maurizio Pollini


 Arnold Schoenberg


Three Piano Pieces
1 I. Mässig  3:53
2 II. Mässige Achtel  7:11
3 III. Bewegt  2:32

Six Little Piano Pieces, Op. 19
4 I. Leicht, zart  1:12
5 II. Langsam  0:53
6 III. Sehr langsame Viertel  0:59
7 IV. Rasch, aber leicht  0:26
8 V. Etwas rasch  0:32
9 VI. Segr langsam  1:06

Five Piano Pieces, Op. 23
10 I. Sehr langsam  2:03
11 II. Sehr rasch  1:18
12 III. Langsam  2:47
13 IV. Schwungvoll  1:37
14 V. Walzer  2:27

Suite For Piano, Op. 25
15 Präludium : Rasch  0:59
16 Gavotte : Etwas langsam, nicht hastig  1:04
(attacca :)
17 Musette : Rascher  1:11
18 Gavotte (da capo)  1:10
19 Intermezzo  3:21
20 Minuett : Moderato - Trio  3:56
21 Gigue : Rasch  2:35

Piano Piece, Op. 33a
22 Mässig  2:06

Piano Piece, Op. 33b
23 Mässig langsam  3:31


Maurizio Pollini - p

Recorded at Plenarsaal der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften ; May, 1974


Melanchthon said...

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Thank You! Melanchthon.
Love your selection of repertoire
and recordings of Classical Music.

theblueamos said...

Fantastic pollini I dont allways like him,but here he does a great job.All the best from jerusalem

Ананасий Непитин said...

yes! he is great really here.
years ago i've compared Gould and Pollini in their rendition the piano pieces by Schoenberg.
GG seemed to be undoubted winner in comparison at that time. but after a brief looking into the score i've understood how wrong was i then. now Pollini shares his championship in this domain with goode aulde Steuermann, Bucquet and some other pianists (chiefly of the old school).
though Musette in Gould's interpretation seems to be fantastic.
but listen to the 2nd piece from op.11 and say (honestly, please): has Pollini any rival in it, or no?