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George Wallington Trio - Knight Music

The fine bop pianist George Wallington hasn't received the recognition he deserved, possibly because of a two-dozen year gap from 1960-1984 when he was entirely out of the music business. This first-rate trio date for Atlantic has finally come out on CD and should help gain him some posthumous attention. One of his two greatest compositions, "Godchild" (which appears on the classic Miles Davis release The Birth of the Cool), opens the disc with a flourish, but there are many strong originals present. The lively stair-stepping "Serendipity" and the furious "Up Jumped the Devil" are worthy of comparison to Bud Powell. Wallington also covers several standards such as "Will You Still Be Mine?" and "It's All Right With Me" with finesse and imagination.
Ken Dryden

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George Wallington
Knight Music


1 Godchild (Wallington) 3:16
2 Serendipity (Wallington) 3:02
3 Billie's Tune (Wallington) 3:03
4 The Ghostly Lover (Wallington) 3:44
5 Up Jumped the Devil (Wallington) 2:37
6 It's All Right With Me (Porter) 2:53
7 The End of a Love Affair (Redding) 3:45
8 Will You Still Be Mine ? (Adair, Dennis) 3:00
9 In a Sentimental Mood (Ellington, Kurtz, Mills) 4:42
10 World Weary (Coward) 3:11
11 One Night of Love (Kahn, Schertzinger) 2:52

George Wallington - p
Teddy Kotick - b
Nick Stabulas - dr

Recorded in New York City ; September 4 & 5, 1956


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