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Fats Navarro - Fat Girl (Savoy)

Dizzy Gillespie created bebop trumpet style. He was a tough man to follow, and until Fats Navarro came along, those wo tried were suspended uneasily between their new idol and Roy Eldridge (who had been Dizzy's idol, too). Fats, on the other hand, had no problems with the new language. He was one of the most perfectly equipped trumpeters in jazz, possessing a beautiful tone, brilliance of execution, solid musicianship, and great power of invention.
His life was snuffed out at 26...
Dan Morgenstein, From the booklet

Fats Navarro
Fat Girl


1 Boppin' a Riff (Stitt)  5:50
2 Fat Boy (Navarro)  5:35
3 Everything's Cool (Navarro, Fuller)  5:32
4 Webb City (Powell, Fuller)  5:41
5 Callin' Dr Jazz (Davis)  2:49
6 Fracture (Davis)  2:51
7 Maternity (Davis)  3:01
8 Stealin'Trash (Davis)  2:46
9 Just a Mystery (Davis)  2:13
10 Red Pepper (Davis)  3:02
11 Spinal (Davis)  2:29
12 Hollerin' and Screamin' (Davis)  2:38

[# 1-4]
Fats Navarro & Kenny Dorham - tp
Sonny Stitt - as
Morris Lane - ts
Eddie DeVerteuil - bs
Bud Powell - p
Al Hall - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
Recorded in New York City ; September 6, 1946
[# 5-8] Eddie Davis And His Beboppers
Fats Navarro - tp
Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - ts
Al Haig - p
Huey Long - g
Gene Ramey - b
Denzil Best - dr
Recorded in New York City ; December 18, 1946
[# 9-12] Eddie Davis And His Beboppers
Same as above
Recorded in New York City ; December 20, 1946

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