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Billy Bean & John Pisano - Makin' It Again

Back in 1958, guitarists John Pisano and Billy Bean teamed up for a pair of Decca albums (Take Your Pick and Makin' It) that also included Gene Estes on vibes, bassist Hal Gaylor, drummer Larry Bunker and, on various tracks, strings and woodwinds. During the same period, Pisano taped their rehearsals and the best selections from those informal jams have been released for the first time in this 1998 CD, available from the British String Jazz label. Pisano and Bean are heard in duets, quartets (with an unidentified bassist and drummer) and quintets that add Estes ; in addition, an unidentified altoist (Paul Horn ?) pops up on a couple melody statements. Bean and Pisano were very complementary and it is often difficult to tell who is soloing at a particular time. Best among the selections are Horace Silver's "Room 608," "Indian Summer," a lengthy "Sweet Georgia Brown" and a duo version of "Cherokee." The recording quality is pretty good and, although occasionally one can hear a musician talking, these private jams do deserve to be released and cherished by bop guitar collectors, particularly since Billy Bean is long retired. Well worth checking out.
Scott Yanow

Source :

John Pisano 
Billy Bean
Makin' It Again


1 Fat Feet* (Bean) [quintet]  3:18
2 Room 608* (Silver) [quintet]  3:52
3 You Stepped Out of a Dream (Brown, Kahn) [duo]  13:29
4 Indian Summer* (Dubin, Herbert) [quintet]  5:36
5 Strike up the Band (Gershwin, Gershwin) [duo]  7:06
6 Take Your Pick* (Mobley, Pisano) [quintet]  3:37
7 Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie, Casey, Pinkard) [quartet]  10:03
8 Billy's Beanery* (Bean) [quintet]  2:12
9 Safari (Silver) [quartet]  7:53
10 Cherokee (Noble) [duo]  7:20
11 Fat Feet* [Bonus track] [duo] (Bean)  5:56


Billy Bean - g
John Pisano - g 
Gene Estes* - vb
Other personnel unknow ?

Recorded jn various locations ; 1956-58


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John Pisano & Billy Bean
Makin' It Again
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Fred Katz lp featuring amazing Billy Bean playing!

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John Pisano & Billy Bean - Makin' It Again

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This is a reissue of Decca Records LP (Mood Jazz In Hi-Fi)1st pressing 1958 that had a different cover art

Billy Bean: guitar
Johnny Pisano: guitar
Paul Horn: flute
Gene Estes: vibes, drums
Calvin Jackson: piano
Hal Gaylor: bass
Larry Bunker: drums
Fred Katz: piano
Red Callender: tuba
William Green: clarinet

fabulous LP no matter what cover pic. ;-)

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