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Barney Kessel - Contemporary Latin Rhythm

A wonderful set from Barney Kessel – bossa-inflected jazz, and a wonderful setting for Barney to hit some very groovy lines on electric guitar ! The group on the date is part of the strength of the record – with Conte Candoli on trumpet, Emil Richards on vibes, Paul Horn on flute, and Victor Feldman on piano – with loads of great percussion and guitar interplay on the set, plus some excellent use of flute and vibes – all of which makes for the sort of session that really translates the Brazilian groove into the best sort of sound the LA scene was cutting at the time ! Nice, light, and dancing rhythms – and titles that include "Love", "Days Of Wine & Roses", "Latin Dance #1", "Lady Byrd", and "One Note Samba".
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Barney Kessel
Contemporary Latin
Rhythms !


1 Blues in the Night (Mercer, Arlen)  2:39
2 Days of Wine and Roses (Mercer, Mancini)  2:30
3 Latin Dance No. 1 (Kessel)  2:32
4 Lady Byrd (Dameron)  3:30
5 One Note Samba (Jobim, Mendonca, Hendricks)  4:15
6 The Peanut Vendor (Sunshine, Gilbert, Simons)  3:10
7 Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (Davis, Farre)  3:47
9 Love (Martin, Blane)  2:47
10 Twilight in Acapulco (Kessel)  2:23


Barney Kessel - g
Alton Hendrickson & Bill Pitman - g rhthm
Paul Horn - s & fl
Conte Candoli - tp
Victor Feldman - vb
Keith Mitchell - b
Stan Levey - dr
Edward Talamantes, Francisco Aguabella & Frank Capp - perc
Emil Richards - mrmb

Recorded January 1, 1961 ?


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