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John Dennis - New Piano Expressions

Obsessive jazz collectors -- the kind of people who go wild when they hear the word "rare" -- love obscurity. They love to be able to tell their friends about a talented but little-known improviser who few people have heard of. Obsessive jazz collectors are the people Fantasy caters to with the Limited Edition line of its Original Jazz Classics (OJC) series. While the regular OJCs can appeal to both casual and hardcore jazz fans, the Limited Edition OJCs are usually aimed at serious collectors. One obscure artist who was perfect for a Limited Edition OJC was John Dennis, a '50s pianist whose influences ranged from Bud Powell to Erroll Garner. Unfortunately, Dennis wasn't recorded extensively, although he was featured on Thad Jones' 1955 Debut date The Fabulous Thad Jones and provided his own New Piano Expressions for Debut that same year. The material on this album falls into two categories: unaccompanied solo piano performances and trio numbers with Charles Mingus (acoustic bass) and Max Roach (drums). Dennis, whose clean, sophisticated approach often underscores his appreciation of classical music, is as appealing on original compositions as he is on performances of well-known standards such as "Someone to Watch Over Me" and "Cherokee." In the '50s, New Piano Expressions first came out as an eight-song LP. Then, in 1994, the album became a 12-song, 56-minute CD when Fantasy reissued it and added four bonus tracks, including an alternate take of "Cherokee" and two takes of "All the Things You Are." Before New Piano Expressions came out on CD, those bonus tracks had only been available on Fantasy's Mingus boxed set, The Complete Debut Recordings. New Piano Expressions is an appealing effort from a pianist who deserved a lot more attention than he received.
Alex Henderson

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John Dennis
New Piano Expressions


1 Ensenada (Dennis)  5:25
2 Machajo (Dennis, Mingus, Roach)  4:02
3 Cherokee (Noble)  4:17
4 Seven Moons (Dennis)  4:03
5 Seven Moons [alt. take] (Dennis)  4:19
6 All the Things You Are [take one] (Hammerstein II, Kern)  5:27
7 All the Things You Are [take one] (Hammerstein II, Kern)  4:12
8 Cherokee [alt. take] (Noble)  5:11
9 Odyssey (Dennis)  4:18
10 Chartreuse (Dennis)  3:53
11 Variegations (Dennis)  6:33
12 Someone to Watch over Me (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:44

John Dennis - p
Charles Mingus - b
Max Roach - dr

Recorded in Hackensack, New Jersey ; 1955


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what a pitty, such nice records but no way to dl with rs... you may have your reasons.

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I still have a pro account at RS but only one month at a time. So for now RS is very fast for me. Monthly is more expensive but the rumor is that RS is going out of business as they have dismissed over half of their employees.
Thank you for this album. I do not have anything else by him at least as a leader.

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I am no fan of Rapidshare but it is downloading, however very slowly and I can live with that.

To you, Melanchthon, I am very appreciative of your share of this obscure LP - I've never heard of John Dennis but I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it. Thank you very much.

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I, too, have never heard of John Dennis; but that rhythm section is very familiar! Many thanks, mel...

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Hi Mel, you have done it again, found something quite special, as always greatly appreciated and enjoyed. Thanks

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Many thanks, Mel, for this Gem.
This well-known part of legendary Mingus' Debut records label is welcome back, after more than twenty years' (i didn't made any verification) Mingus Debut Box release (12 Cds) !!
If anybody's interested, i can upload that stuff.

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