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The Tenor Sax of Lucky Thompson (1945-1949)

The first CD put out by the collectors IAJRC label was a big success, a collection of some of tenor saxophonist Lucky Thompson's mid-'40s West Coast recordings. Thompson cut an enormous amount of sides while in Los Angeles during 1945-47 and some of the cream is on this CD. The skilled tenor (whose transitional style fell between swing and bop) is featured with ten different recording groups (many quite obscure) and among the other musicians are trumpeter Karl George, trombonist J.J. Johnson, clarinetist Rudy Rutherford, altoist Marshall Royal, pianists Bill Doggett and Dodo Marmarosa, bassists Oscar Pettiford and Charles Mingus, drummer Shadow Wilson, singers David Allyn and Ernie Andrews and the Mills Blue Rhythm Band. All of the 23 selections (which are of a consistently high quality) were formerly quite rare, making this CD a must for bop collectors.
Scott Yanow

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Lucky Thompson
The Beginning Years


1 Vout Rhythm (Thompson) 2:54
2 Stormy Mood (Abernathy) 3:05
3 Baggin' the Boogie (Jones) 3:12
4 Bee Boogie Boo (Mosely) 2:50
5 Irresistible You (DePaul, Raye) 3:24
6 Phace (Green) 2:47
7 Don't Drive This Jive Away (Edson, Pettiford) 2:54
8 The Hour of Parting (Kahn, Spoliansky) 2:59
9 Abernathy's Boogie (Abernathy) 2:55
10 Cherokee (Noble) 2:44
11 Slowin' Down the Blues (?) 2:42
12 I'm Gonna See My Baby (Moore) 3:16
13 Frantic Blues (Hallberg) 2:58
14 Snowbound (Callender, Griffin) 2:58
15 Flight of the Vout Bug (Griffin, Marmarosa, Talbert) 3:11
16 It Shouldn't Happen to a Drea (Ellington, George, Hodges) 2:58
17 For You (Burke, Dubin) 3:06
18 Things Ain't What They Used to (Ellington, Hodges, Persons) 2:48
19 Jeep's Blues (Ellington, Hodges) 3:03
20 Day Dream (Ellington, Latouche) 2:55
21 Take the "A" Train (Strayhorn) 2:37
22 Hickory Dickory Dock (Traditional) 2:44
23 Blue Rhythm Be-Bop (Alexander, Mills) 3:03

Feat. Lucky Thompson, Karl George, Mashall Royal, Gene Phillips, Charles Mingus, Freddy Greene, Rodney Richardson, Shadow Wilson, Oscar Pettiford, Al Hendrickson, Alvin Stoller, Dodo Marmarosa, Hal McKusick, Lyle Griffin, Al Norris, etc...

Recorded between November 1945 & 1949

(See the complete artwork for all details)


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Lucky was a visiting professor at Dartmouth in the 1970s or 1980s. (For those unfamiliar with it, Dartmouth is an elite US college located in a very isolated and very white northern community.)That must have been an interesting cultural mix, to say the least.

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