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The Lighthouse All-Stars Plus Ten - Jazz Rolls Royce

Other than an obscure effort for Philips in 1961, this was the final recording by Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars. Actually, the 1957 edition of the band (with trumpeter Stu Williamson, trombonist Frank Rosolino, Bob Cooper on tenor, pianist Victor Feldman doubling on vibes, bassist Rumsey, and drummer Stan Levey) is augmented on this obscure LP by ten additional horns. Cooper is the most important force on the date, for not only does he take many fine tenor solos, but he composed five of the six numbers (all but the opening "Strike Up the Band") and provided all of the arrangements. The music, although not innovative, is colorful and swings, but will be difficult to locate.
Scott Yanow

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Howard Rumsey
The Lighthouse All-Stars Plus Ten
Jazz Rolls Royce


1 Strike Up the Band (Gershwin, Gershwin)  8:33
2 Prelude to the Queen (Cooper)  4:31
3 The Clown's Dance (Cooper)  7:35
4 Coop Salutes the "Co-Op" (Cooper)  5:34
5 Bruinville, My Bruinville (Cooper)  8:43
6 Mambo del Quado (Cooper)   9:16
7 Bruinville, My Bruinville (Cooper)  9:38
8 Mambo del Quado (Cooper)  7:50

[# 1-6]
Bob Cooper - ts
Frank Rosolino - tb
Stu Williamson - tp
Larry Bunker - vb [Except on # 1, solo by Feldman]
Victor Feldman - p, vb & cng dr
Howard Rumsey - b
Stan Levey - dr
Pete Candoli, Al Porcino, Ed Leddy, George Werth - tp
Milt Bernhart, Harry Betts, Hoyt Bohannon - tb
Marshall Cram - b tb
Red Callender - b
Larry Bunker - tymp & vb
Recorded November, 1957
[# 7-8]
Sam as above, except Conte Candoli is the featured tp soloist ; Williamson out. John Halliburton plays b tb, instead of Cram.
Recorded at Royce Hall in the UCLA, Los Angeles, California ; October 28, 1957


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