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Pure Paul Desmond

With the Skylark "experiment" behind him, Paul Desmond reverted back to the relaxed quartet format that suited him well in the past. The reason ? Through Jim Hall, he found a little-known, splendid guitarist in Toronto named Ed Bickert who became his new gigmate in 1974, and this album was meant to show his discovery off. In fact, it sparked a Desmond renaissance where he regained a good deal of the witty spark and erudite cool of his collaborations with Hall, no matter how unfashionable it was to play this way in 1974. Bickert is an even more reticent player than Hall, softer in touch and temperament, but eminently musical, enough to fire up Desmond's creativity. Old Desmond hand Connie Kay lends sympathy and comfort on drums, and Ron Carter is on bass. "Squeeze Me," "Everything I Love," and "Till the Clouds Roll By" are the best examples of the empathy at work here but any track will do, including the two outtakes on the first CD release, the "Song from M*A*S*H" (which, come to think of it, always had a Desmond-like wistfulness about it) and Jobim's "Wave," which develops a suavely songful quality midway through.
Richard S. Ginell

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Paul Desmond
Pure Desmond


1 Squeeze Me (Waller, Williams)  4:31
2 I'm Old Fashioned (Kern, Mercer)  4:55
3 Nuages (Reinhardt)  5:13
4 Why Shouldn't I ? (Porter)  3:34
5 Everything I Love (Porter)  3:48
6 Warm Valley (Ellington)  4:26
7 Till the Clouds Roll By (Kern, Wodehouse)  4:08
8 Mean to Me (Ahlert, Turk)  5:46
9 Theme from M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless) (Mandel)  3:01
10 Wave (Jobim)  6:16

Paul Desmond - as
Ed Bickert - g
Ron Carter - b
Connie Kay - dr

Recorded at Van Gelder Studios, September 24-26, 1974


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