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Paul Smith Trio & Quartet

Paul Smith is a brilliant pianist with technique on the level of an Oscar Peterson, but a musician who never really dedicated himself to jazz. After playing early on with Johnny Richards in 1941 and spending a couple years in the military, he worked with Les Paul (1946-1947) and Tommy Dorsey (1947-1949) before moving to Los Angeles and becoming a studio musician. Smith has recorded frequently both with his trios and as a soloist. In addition to recording with Dizzy Gillespie, Anita O'Day, Buddy DeFranco, Louie Bellson, Steve Allen, Louie Bellson, and Stan Kenton (among others), he toured with Ella Fitzgerald off and on during 1956-1978.
Scott Yanow

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Paul Smith
By the Fireside
(Trio & Quartet)


1 Cupid Took Me for a Ride (Smith)  3:16
2 The Way You Look Tonight (Fields, Kern)  3:16
3 By the Fireside (Campbell, Connelly, Noble)  2:48
4 Wandering (Smith)  2:30
5 Out of Nowhere (Green, Heyman)  2:56
6 'S Wonderful (Gershwin, Gershwin)  2:42
7 Over the Rainbow (Arlen, Harburg)  3:01
8 The Great Lie (Smith)  2:27
9 The Jumper (Smith)  2:50
10 Laurilou (Smith)  2:57
11 Pick Yourself Up (Kern, Fields, Harris)  2:36
12 I Only Have Eyes for You (Dubin, Warren)  3:08


[# 1-8] Paul Smith Quartet
Paul Smith - p
Tony Rizzi - g
Alvin Stoller - dr
Norm Seelig - b
Recorded in Los Angeles, California ; April 18, 1950
[# 9-12] Paul Smith Trio
Paul Smith - p
Sam Chieftz - b
Irv Cottler - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles, California ; March, 1952

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Thanks for the Paul Smith post. Despite of the slightly diparaging review by Scott Yanow I have always apreciated Paul Smith.
Sometimes hos voicings reminded me of Johnny Smith; I checked: no relations. But both were born in 1922.

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