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J.R. Monterose

J.R. Monterose's first session as a leader was a thoroughly enjoyable set of swinging, straight-ahead bop that revealed him as a saxophonist with a knack for powerful, robust leads in the vein of Sonny Rollins and Coleman Hawkins. With a stellar supporting group of pianist Horace Silver, trumpeter Ira Sullivan, bassist Wilbur Ware, and drummer "Philly" Joe Jones, Monterose has recorded a set of bop that swings at a measured pace and offers many delightful moments. Throughout the session, Monterose sounds vigorous, whether he's delivering hard-swinging solos or waxing lyrical. With his bluesy vamps and soulful solos, Silver is equally impressive, while Sullivan's spotlights are alternately punchy and skilled ; similarly, the rhythm section is tight, letting the music breathe while keeping the groove. In fact, the quality of the music is so strong, J.R. Monterose qualifies as one of the underappreciated gems in Blue Note's mid-'50s catalog.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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J.R. Monterose
J.R. Monterose


1 Wee-Jay (Monterose)  6:56
2 The Third (Bird)  5:15
3 Bobbie Pin (Monterose)  8:03
4 Marc V (Monterose)  6:30
5 Ka-Link (Jones)  9:01
6 Beauteous (Chambers)  5:24

Ira Sullivan - tp
J.R. Monterose - ts
Horace Silver - p
Wilbur Ware - b
Philly Joe Jones - dr

Recorded at the Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey ; October 21, 1956


Melanchthon said...

CrunchyFrog said...

Hi Mel - Thanks so much for more J.R. Monterose - wildly underrated in my opinion, as evidenced by the lack of comments so far... I recommend that everyone who is a fan of this site give this great tenor player a try - I predict you wont't be disappointed.

Otis Foster said...

Another J.R. admirer here, CrunchyFrog, ever since his solo in Pithecantropus. No-one else ever sounded quite like him.

There is a 7th track in a subsequent release, a alternate track for Wee-Jay.

J.R.'s wandering in later years took him to some unusual places - Iowa City and Des Moines, then to upstate NY - Potsdam, Albany, etc. There are some CDs from those years in NY on Croscrane, a small local label, which I can share if there's enough interest. In fact, there's quite a bit of additional material recorded with local musicians, although Teddy Kotick of all people wandered onto the stage for one set.....

neil said...

Got it myself; so I can well recommend it...

Chris said...

Thanks Mel been looking for a good copy of this one.